Akawaio-English Dictionary



aꞌ n 1mortar ayakʉ your mortar opp: aino 1 . 2hole in wooden trunk, used for pounding corn or other grain
a- (phon. var: ay-) (cf: ɨmɨrɨ, ɨ-) 1you, second person verb prefix Aupakaꞌpʉ. You woke up. 2your, second person noun prefix ayarokooi your hat
aꞌai (cf: amai, noꞌnoꞌ, koꞌkoi, waꞌwa) n 1mother, direct address indir add: san 1 . 2mother, direct address to a woman who serves the role of one's mother or grandmother 3grandmother, direct address 4aunt, in particular, one's father's brother's wife or one's mother's sister, direct address cf: naꞌnaꞌ ; indir add: san 2 .
aiꞌ n a variety of wild dog
aika vt clear a plot of land of underbush, the start of cutting for farming Tʉmainarʉ kon aikaꞌpʉ ina uya. We cleared the underbush from our farm.
aiko 1nom something small Aiko pe kanau esi. The canoe is small. opp: eke 1 . 2interj expression of regret 3interj expression of surprise
aiꞌku (cf: tuna pe) nom 1rainy weather Aiꞌku pe pata esi. The place is wet. (It's a rainy day.) 2something wet opp: aꞌmun .
aiꞌkwa vt a chemical burn, as pepper on skin anta aiꞌkwakɨ! Burn your mouth (with pepper)!
aiꞌma vt poke, as a stick into a hole Aiꞌmapɨtʉꞌpʉ iya, eꞌkwapiꞌ yaꞌ rɨ ɨkʉi ewonsaꞌ pe eꞌkamaꞌpʉ iya. He poked at it, making the snake come out from the tree trunk.
aima vt sew Pon ton aima uya. I am sewing clothes.
aimaꞌ var. of eimaꞌ
aimara n a variety of large, river fish, good for eating, found in Lower Mazaruni River region Macrodon trahira
aimenka vt 1judge someone's behaviour as worthy of punishment or acclaim syn: menka 1 . 2check a dead body for marks of abuse or cursing
aimerunpa vt cause someone to be in pain
utaimerunpa (der.) 1vi restless 2vi itch 3vi writhe 4vr pained
aimuꞌnan n
aimuꞌne (var: taꞌpimʉꞌnan; var: aimutun) something or someone white Wakʉ pe aimuꞌne wɨꞌsɨꞌ esiꞌpʉ iwoi. There was nice, white sand there. opp: iꞌkʉrʉn 2 . (attrib.: aimuꞌnan)
aimutun var. of aimuꞌne
aimʉrʉnpa vt scatter
ain interj Oh!; expressing regret Ain! Toꞌ utɨꞌpʉ. Oh! Too bad! They went away.
ainɨ var. of aino
aino n 1lock 2bolt
ainoꞌtɨ (der.) vt lock
aino n a long muscle that holds the kidneys in place
aino n 1pestle, as for grinding corn opp: aꞌ 1 . 2a long stick used to stretch the matapi when squeezing grated cassava tenkiꞌ aino matapi stick
aino (var: ainɨ) vt fry, parch Moroꞌ aino uya. I am frying the fish.
ainoꞌtɨ (der. of aino) vt lock, bolt