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tadi-Vtr > partpfxRDP
tadi nonohaVtrcarve it in readiness (to)
tadi nonohaiVtrcarve it in readiness (to)
taditadinapartcarvedNa oyagi hesa ubu yai, la'ila'ina, taditadina, ya famala edi hiyawa. And the other large piece of wood underneath, a carved one, becomes their plow (digging stick)
ta'eyaVtrfall down, toSa ta'eya mulimulidi tanohi yai! they fell down backwards(?) on the ground.
ta'eya~mulimulidiVtrfall down backwards?, toSa ta'eya mulimulidi tanohi yai! They fell down backwards(?) on the ground.Includes both falling, and backwards motion.
tafoVinrun (to)
tafo wananahaVinrun very fast (to)[Diya] Sa tafo wananaha. Tautaumoho moho fafadonana. Waiwaihin hige'e.Deer run very fast. Onl the male has horns. The female does not.
tafo~dadaiunspec. var.-dada
tafo~dadaidi1inspect them (to)Yena wa laoma egu yosiyosi wa tafo~dadaidiWhen you come and inspect them2tally them up (to)Fuya esega kin hudoꞌi ena tau paisowa maisadi ya tafo~dadaidi.One time a certain king tallied up (inspected) the debts of his servants.
tafo~dadaidi~fatubuVtrbegin to tally them up (to)Bena haba ya tafo~dadaidi~fatubu, na hudoꞌi ana hagahaga miliyon fisa sa leyama lisina.He would begin tallying them up, and one of them was emdebted to him for several million kina.
tafo~daluVin1break away? (to)Edi aba lau nu'una sa mahano~lau, Yesu bena ya tafo~dalu.They arrived at their destination (LIT: the place where they were going) and Jesus would break away (from them}.2part company (to)
tafo~failakoVinrun a race, toSalumadi sa tafo~failako haba sa lautafoWhoever runs race will run.
tafo~luhuluhulauunspec. comp. form ofluhulau1
tafo~mahanoVinarrive running, toMulina yai, Saimon Pita ya tafo mahano. Afterwards, Saimon Pita [Simon Peter] arrived running.
tafomaVinrun hither, to
tafotafo~esegaVinrunning around together, to bePa'ana somo be hige ma afa haidada ta tafotafo~esega?Why do we not run around together (anymore)?
tafutafufuVtrpouring down, to be
taginan1intestines (large)Bogana ya tamo~dagi be tagina mahudoꞌina ya faikalamahanoi.His belly burst open and all of his intestines came out.2bowelsSee also {tinahe} "intestines (small"
tagisigisiunspec. var.gisigisiVincrushed (to be)Na yena ume'ehu te ya be'u, doga la'i ai hewana mate haba ya tagisigisi be ya falen afusa.And if this stone falls on top of any person, he will be crushed and become dust (ashes).
tahalasiVin1open its buds (to)Kena mate mwakomwakokona ya susu hasa, ya tahalasi be la'ana ya taumahata. ‎In regard to the bud sheath, the narrow part grows upward, and opens up and the (individual) stems appear.Oyagi kuhou heyaheyasonna hola ya falibamiu; yena ya in be luguna sa tahalasi, mate hai'in ana fuya.The parable of the fig tree I will yet tell it to you; when it sprouts so that the leaves open up, then it is spring time.By an extended usage, {tahalasi} "to open up" is applied to people's minds as well as to the buds of flowers.2remember (to)Habahim nuwadi sa tahalasi mate, in sai. Yo fede/ ma'esega! Nuwanuwadi yai ya tauyamuhi.Then their minds were opened as to who he was, and then, at once he disappeared from in front of them.Afa haidagu, nuwamiu bena sa tahalasi – dodoga umi E fafalibamiu salumadi laugagayo tau nuwatuhina lisimiu yai. My companions, you should remember (LIT your thinking should open) -- I am telling it to you.pl people who know about the Law.
tahalasi, nuwadi saCLopen their hearts/mindsInmoho tau lauguguya ena liba yai haba dodoga nuwadi sa tahalasiBut the one who preaches/proclaims will by his/her words open the minds/hearts of the people.see {tahalasi} "open its buds"