habahimCONJ1thenHabahim, E lau E lidi laisi gabuna yai.Then I went down to the rice garden.Na amainiya, hababim, andabu sa fatubu. Edi andabu somo wasiwasina.After that, then, they begin their abstinence, their tabooed items are things with blood.Na lumadi ni edi boliman safuhudohudo'i-faligigi yo taumoho-esega-ya-pe'i. Habahim sa dubudubu.But as for those houses their years are 15 or 20. then they become deteriorated.2and then3so then4then (comparative) Iti sa ouli yo sa adidili~wananaha, habahim umi.They are many and are very strong compared to you.5then (= than)6next in order of sizeKatinona hinaga ya la'i, asuwali ya la'i - habahim Gomayada na habahim kwalauto.Its egg is also large, the cassowaries is biggest, then the Brush Turkeys', and then the scrubfowl's.7then (sequential)

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