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da1pro1they, 3rd person plural pronounDa lininihan ni kaalman hu baley da. They cleaned their house yesterday.This form has a subjective grammatical relationship with the verb.9.2.3Pronouns2pronoun, 3rd person plural possessiveLimmaw kamid baley da ni kaalman.We went to their house yesterday.dadmandallikanda
da2prothe plural marker added to demonstrative formskumaddayaddayaddahhuy
da-akprothey-me; this compound pronoun refers to the 3rd person plural that is the subjective pronoun, they, and also refers to the 1st person singular objective pronoun, meDa-ak kapippihula tep ya nakka pengullug.They criticize me because of my faith.The compound form is a member of Set 3 pronouns.9.2.3Pronouns
da-da1vto help or cooperateUmda-dadda.They will help.Simbaddang4.3.4.2Helpum-/-imm-Class 2H Behavior2transto help someone in particularDina-daan mi hi Gumangan ni nengialdan ni lehung da.We helped Gumangan to transfer their mortar.Kada-dain Marilyn hi Magdelene ni mambalbal.Marilyn is helping Magdalene in washing-clothes.-an/-in- -an
da-guhv1to stop by a place, to pick-up something on the way Usually someone stops by to drop something off or to pick something up.Nanda-guhak alid baley yu ey endi ka. I stopped by your house, and you were not there.Dina-guh milli di baley Jacob etan pahul mun binneh tu. We collected from Jacob's house your spear that he borrowed. movingmaN-/naN-, -en/-in-Class 1C Purposeful activities or actions2to stop-over and stay for a whileTep humman hu kakkayyaggud ni da-guhhan ni bapor hedin ahipewwepewwekan. (Acts 27:12)Because that is a good stop-over-place for the ship during typhoon season.-an
da-keptrans1to double something, e.g., blanketImpanda-kep Inegwidan hu wangal tun gawan hileng tep naktel. Inegwidan doubled his blanket at midnight because he became cold.2to carry two of something, the focus is on the two, not the activity itselfDina-kep Dulludul hu alweg ni tu nan-ahulan.Dulludul carried two bamboo tubes when he went to fetch water.Simdekep7.3.1Carry-en/-in-Class 4
da-lehtransto violate a taboo; refers to the non-compliance with a traditional religious ritual tabooDina-lehan dan makewit hu impuut dad baley da mukun nanengtu etan degeh.They did not comply with the ritual taboo of not eating climbing vegetables, hence the sickness still remains.Agda kumedek et da-lehan da ey imma-ma tu degeh di baley da.They unknowingly did not comply with the ritual taboo and so the sickness in their household got worse.4.9.5Practice religion-an/-in- -anClass 5C Goal oriented sites
da-luptransto wash face onlyEhel mun agim et tu da-lupan angah tu.Tell your brother to wash his face.5.6.2Bathe-an/-in- -anClass 5C Goal oriented sites
da-malintransfor water to become lukewarmEntanni et hedin umda-mal etan danum man han mu immeh hi mehhiken.Wait until the water is lukewarm before you bathe baby boy.Kaw an umda-mal ey kameiba-banget di apuy?Will it become lukewarm when it is placed above the fire?Hedin umda-da-mal ali etan in-init kun danum induyag mullid basen.When the water that I boiled becomes lukewarm, then pour it in the 2G Processes
da-nahnritual mourning cry with chant over the death of someone2.6.6.4Mourn
da-nepntraditional religious ritual4.9.5Practice religion
da-ngahna share work groupThis type of group tends to be voluntary and less organized than the ubbu share work grouping.Mu pandagdag ida hu tuud Bahag et umlid dad da-ngah di Palaw. Go and call on the people in Bahag to come to a share-work-group in Palaw.
da-nihtrans1to wipe something, e.g., bench, tableDa-nihim eya yuddungngan et yudungan idan ammed yu.You wipe that bench for your parents to sit on.Lakay et mu panda-nihan etan lamesaan tep pengngannan idan bihita.Go and wipe the table because the visitors will eat there.Kalli alan layyut ni pena-nih ku eyan yuddungngan.Go and get a cloth for me to wipe this seat. of the hand-an/-in- -anClass 5B Changing state of site by removal of something2to smear something on a surfaceYa etan kuheyaw ni idda-nih yud pamedingan yu hu pengi-immatunan kun baballey yu et lebbahan ku ma-lat endi mettey ni hi-gayun ellian kun pemetteyan kuddan pengulwan ni u-ungngaddan iEgypt. (Exodus 12:13)The blood you will smear on your door-posts will be my sign on your houses and I will pass by them so that none of you will die when I come to kill the firstborn children of the Egyptians.Neda-nihan ni kuheyaw.It is smeared with blood.iC1-/iN-
da-paytransto flatten something that consists of a hard substance, e.g., metal, plastic, rockDina-pay tun taketak etan batun gatsinnan He flattened the stepping stone with a chisel.Neda-pay ni batu etan ida yuddungngan di dallin da.The seats outside their house are flattened stones.Simdampay8. 4A Changes the structure of an object
da-puhvto continue on way; to go all the wayMeippappeg kami et di Dinepugan nem neda-puh kami di Kiangan tep pinhed min an ang-angen hi Kathy.We were supposed to go only as far as Dinepugan but we went all the way to Kiangan because we wanted to see Kathy.Keda-puh kayud Pula ni lawwan yud Ungul et yu bihitaen hi Emilio.Go all the way to Pula when you go to Ungul and visit with Emilio.Hipa eleg yu keda-puhan di baley mid Caccaha eman ni inlian yud Neduntug?What is the reason why you didn't come all the way to our house in Caccaha when you came to Neduntug?me/ne-
da-tugtransto add something untrue to something that is true; to lieMuka da-tugin etek hu muka e-hela.You add lies to what you say.Lawah hu an denna-tugan hu ka-ehelan itek tep ag daita kullugan tuu.It is bad to add lies to what you say because people will not believe you.Ebuh kaya humman ni inhel ku nem dina-tugan idan tuun langkak.That is the only thing I said but people added lies to it. a lie-an/-in- -anClass 5A Changing state of site by adding something
da-ulsp. var. ofdauladvunder
da-utsina dragonfly species1.6.1.7Insect
da-waysp. var.da-weytransto slap or punch someoneDina-way tuwak et humman hu binungtan ku.He slapped me and that's why I got angrySimkaway17.7.1Hit-en/-in-Class 4B Tactile - Touch contact
da-weysp. var. ofda-way
da-yuntransto agree to somethingDina-yunan nan Lindawan hu inhel Dulnuan ni pehding tu. Lindawan agreed to what Dulnuan said for him to do.Eleg tu da-yuni hu inhel ku tep eleg tu ewwasi.She does not agree with what I have said because she does not understand it.Endi kaumda-yun di muka ituttuddu tep eleg metunnung.No one seems to accept what you are teaching because it is not clear.Simabulut-an/-in- -anClass 5C Goal oriented sitesLanguage of Borrowing: Ilocano
daannclothing that is old or second-handNakka pehebballi hu daan ni gettangen tep nelakah.I prefer to buy second-hand-clothing because it is cheap.Simdumlag 15.3Clothing
daddaprothey-them; this compound pronoun refers to the 3rd person plural that is the subjective pronoun, they, and also refers to the 3rd person plural objective pronoun, themDadda inemung hu tuud Dugyu eman ni inlian mi et lumaw kamid simbaan da.They assembled them, the people of Dugyu, when we came and we went to their church.The compound form is a member of Set 3 pronouns.9.2.3Pronouns
daddakkelInf. ofdakeladja comparative word meaning more thanDaddakkel hu intanem kun gahhilang ni nunya nem yan matsaggew.I planted more corn this year than last year.8.1.4Moredinaddakkel
daddan1transto prepare somethingAg ida um-ali ingganah hebbaken dan emin indaddan dan ewey.They won't come until they weave all the rattan they have prepared. 3D Move an object with a resulting change of state2vto prepare oneself to do somethingNandaddan idan meki-apput di paypaytuk et eleg ida meapput na-mu.They are prepared to compete in the high jump so it is probable that they will not be defeated.maN-/naN-