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ma-1transthis prefix expresses a negated passiveAg mabeyyu kapih.The coffee beans have not been pounded.Ag madengan keyew.The wood was not hand-measured. affixes
ma-2stathis prefix expresses a stative that is characteristic of someone or somethingMabunget ka.You are an angry person.Mahiga-ak ni mangngunnu.I'm too lazy to work.
ma-dihInf. ofedihnomone who forges metal; blacksmithMa-dih hi Eddie.Eddie is a blacksmith. with metalma-
ma-ganfr. var. ofmag-anstato dry up, as in bodies of water or rice fieldsHenin wangwang niya lebeng e kametduk ni nema-ganan. (Job 14:11)It's like a river or a lake that runs out of water and is dried up. Kametduk hu payew hedin eleg um-udan ni hekey et kamemag-ani hu pitek di bawang ni payew. The rice fields run out of water if it does not rain at all and the mud inside the paddies dry up.
ma-latconjso that, in order toLimmaw di baley da ma-lat an umlan begah.He went home in order to get some rice.Ali kan kabbuhhan ma-lat ang-angen dakan Linda tep umlaw law. You come tomorrow so that Linda will see you (then) because she will be leaving now. conjunctions
ma-ma1staa comparative meaning 'more so'; describes something as being worse or betterNema-ma degeh tu.His sickness is worse.Kameewwasi hu tuka penuttuddu et nema-ma hedin gibbuhen tulli adal tu.The way he teaches is understandable, and it will be even better when he finishes his education.Simhi-metledled18.1.4.2Increaseme-/ne-2transto make something worse or betterMina-ma ni buteng tu hu bunget tu.His drunkenness made his anger worse.-en/-in-
ma-nguhInf. ofenguhstato be one who is greedy in obtaining things for oneselfMa-nguh hi Miquel tep tuka e-nguhi etan indawat dan patal tun detag.Michael is greedy because he is not satisfied with his share of the meat they gave to him. standardma-
ma-nuconjalthough; even though; conjunction that marks a concession clause with the contrary to expectation clause followingMa-nu tep limmaw wak, nem aggak ang-angen.Although I went, I didn't see him.Ma-nu tep et-eteng annel tu, nem endi elet tu.Even though his body is big, he doesn't have strength. conjunctions9.6.2.9Concessionma-nut
ma-nutcomp. ofma-nuetconja compound conjunction that marks a concession clause; althoughThis is a compound word consisting of two conjunctions, ma-nu and et.Ma-nut immaliddan kaalman di ama nan ina nem eleg meki-li hi apu.Although my father and mother came yesterday, my grandmother did not come along.
ma-yayadv.pred1to be temporaryWhen something is temporary, it may be precarious because it is unstable.Neima-ma-yay hu impahding dan nengituunan da etan ni batu et humman hu neulin ni inudanan tu.It was temporary and precarious the way they put up the rock and that is why it rolled down when it rained.Simkamkampu1 make something temporaryImma-ma-yay tun binelud etan killum tep meibbukyat di kubkub hedin megibbuh. He tied the pig temporarily because it will be let loose in the pigpen when it is
maaggewdial. var.emaggewstanoontimeMaaggew dintengan kud baley mi. It was noontime when I arrived at home.
mabalinInf. ofbalinadv.predto be possibleMabalin ni umdateng itsun dagah di Kiangan hedin umhaleman itsun kakkabbuhhan.It's possible that we will be able to arrive early in Kiangan if we leave early in the morning.Simdammutu9.4.4.4Possible
mabbagana type of wine jar6.7.7Container
mabdangnombeings thought to exist who lead you around when you are drunk; they may push you off of high places1.4.2Spirits of things
mabeingInf. ofbaingstato be shy; to be easily embarrassedMabeing hi Ginnanghan.Ginnanghan is a shy person., timidma-
mablahInf. ofbelahstawhiteNeba-yakan ni mablah ida etan impah ni killum mi.All the piglets from our pig have white spots.
maddikitInf. ofdikitna young womanSome speakers use this to specifically refer to an attractive young woman.Dakel ida immalin maddikit ni kaalman di Nepayew. There were many young women who came yesterday to Nepayew.Synbalasang 1kat-agu2.6.5.2Woman
madelangsp. var. ofmadlang
madewatInf. ofdawatstato be generousTep hi Apu Dios ey madewat et man-am-amleng ni umbaddang niya mengidwat ni panyaggudan ni emin ni tuu. (James 1:5b)For God is generous and he is happy to help and to give what is beneficial for all people.
madibaInf. ofdiba 2a person who interprets signs or omensstasomeone who interprets signs or omens4.9.5Practice religion
madlangsp. var.madelangadjthe color redMadlang hu kula ni wangal tu.The color of his blanket is red.
madmad1nan invocation involved in a traditional religious ritual4.9.5.5Offering, sacrifice4.9.5Practice religion2transto perform an invocationDuring this ritual, a shaman invokes the spirit of an ancestor that is believed to have caused a sickness. A sacrifice is offered with the request for removal of the sickness. Wine, a pig, a chicken, and a blanket must be available for the sacrifice.Pakkadek madmaden da hu ammed ni handa killeh hu manuk.They have to pray to the ancestors before they slit the neck of the chicken.-en/-in-, maN-/naN-
mag-anfr. dry, e.g., clothing, wood, plantsNemag-anan ida law hu balwasi di ha-peyyan.The clothes on the clothesline are dry now. -an/ne- -an
mageudInf. ofgaudstaone who farms; farmer6.2.7Farm worker
maggehInf. ofdegehsta1to experience painPain may be experienced in one's body or mind.Kanday nak dingdingen nem aggak lumaw tep maggeh helik.They told me to go and wall it (the house) but I did not go because my foot is painful. have a painful mind; to experience grief or sadnessMakaggeh ni peteg hu nemnem kun ingganah tep yadda agik ni Jews ey eleg ida mengullug nan Jesus Christo. (Romans 9:2)I have a great, endless pain in my mind because of my brother-Jews; they do not believe in Jesus Christ.