We want to recognize those who have developed the written Pagabete language over the years, and have authored texts and other materials to preserve it and the culture.

Foremost among them is Rev. NZONGO Ngole Roger, who encouraged SIL to send a language development team and accompanied them (JeDene REEDER and Sharon STOOTHOFF MORGAN) on their initial language survey in the Monveda dialect. He also went on a dialect survey with one of them to the Mongbapele area. Later he became the project manager and lead translator for the Pagabete New Testament translation project. In this capacity, he also oversaw the production of three books besides the Bible. The other translators were MBOMBO Ndiko, YONGO Mambangana and KAYA mo KUTU Bonaparte; they were instrumental in working with JeDene REEDER on the dictionary in April 2021, adding words and verifying definitions and pronunciations, particularly tone.

Among the people who made significant contributions to the original database on which this dictionary was based are NZANGO Fidel, MBOYAYE Leke Justin, NVUNGBO Ewukeluke Malianu, NVUNGBO Constant, NGOBE Samazo, ƐYƐNGA Ngótolo, SEKPA, GENI Pangracia, NSANGA Pascal and TADIKA Faustin.

In 2021, a writer's workshop was held in Businga ; 30 participants wrote folkstories or proverbs, personal memories, and descriptions of things the Pagibete made or did in the past that children of today don't know. These stories were published in three collections. In the next edition of this dictionary, words in their stories not included in this edition will be added.