Tausug - English



āintj(Exclamation of mild surprise) oh!; (exclamation of realization) so!Hangkan siya walaꞌ dimatung sabab adlaw ini in pagbilmaarup nila iban mayul. Ā, bunnal kaw.He didn’t arrive because today is their meeting with the mayor. Oh, that’s right.
vag mag-; pat -un.To yearn or long for (someone); wait for (someone after the time of an expected arrival).Iyaā kamu sin manga kabagayan niyu didtu.Your friends there have been longing for you.Āhun na sa kān sin inaꞌ mu bang kaw malayuꞌ na.You will be longed for by your mother when you’re far away.Nagꞌā sila kaymu bat pangannal nila kahapun in datung mu.They were waiting for you because they thought you would arrive yesterday.OV SYN.sitta*tumtum 2
āb-ābvag mag-; pat -un.(Always with negative.) (Not) to expect (something); (for it) to be use(less to do something).Wayruun na āb-ābun niya umapas, malayuꞌ na siya kiyabugit.It’s useless for him to chase any more, he’s been left far behind.
abꞌabvar.habhabvCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To eat or drink voraciously (derogatory, connotes criticism or anger).Alla! mahinaat pa, tubaꞌ na in abꞌabun mu.Good grief! it’s still early in the morning and you’re already drinking tuba voraciously.Magꞌabꞌab sadja in hinang sin tau yan.That person is always eating voraciously.SYN.dambaꞌdahal
abanFather, Dad (kinship term by which a male of Arab descent is addressed by his children).OV SYN.amaꞌayaappaꞌ
abāintj(Exclamation), oh!, wow!Abā, malingkat in panamung mu!Oh, your clothes are nice-looking!
aba-abanA tobacco pouch, betel-nut pouch.A small pouch or bag worn on the belt or one’s back, made of various materials as thread, rattan, cloth.OV SYN.bakaꞌ-bakaꞌbawyutbāgambung
abagavar.agabanShoulder.Balunga siya ha abaga mu.Carry her on your shoulder.6: The Parts of the Body
abalnRip tide (turbulence caused by the convergence of strong currents).adjmaabalTurbulent with rip tide.Maabal tuud ha tungud Duway Bullud.The current is very turbulent near Duway Bullud.vact mag-, -um-.(For the ocean, a rip tide) to become turbulent.Umabal tuud in dagat bang hunas.The sea becomes very turbulent at low tide.Magꞌabal in dagat bang lumabay in kappal.There will be rip tide when a boat passes.OV SYN.sūgANT.linaw
abantiTag.adjWinning, leading, ahead; having an advantage.Malayuꞌ na sila abanti dayn ha atu nila.They’re way ahead of their opponents.vag -um-; ran -an.To be leading (in a game), take advantage (of something), get ahead.Imabanti siya dayn ha kaibanan.He got ahead of the others.Subay kaw umabanti bābā siya yari tumabang kaymu.You should take advantage (of the opportunity) while he is still here to help you.Nakaabanti na siya nagbisnis.He has already gotten ahead in business.Kamayaꞌ kaw bang magbahagiꞌ iban siya, abantihan niya sa kaw yan.Be careful when you divide (the profits) with him, he’ll take advantage of you.
abat1nA mild illness caused by evil spirits or dead people.Usu. a headache with fever. Cured simply by uttering some magic verses to drive away the evil spirit.In abat bang makalanduꞌ makamatay da isab.If the sickness caused by spirits is too great, death can result.OV SYN.labhaꞌvag mang-; ran ka-…-an.Does not occur with pa₂ except when reduplicated.To be afflicted with such an illness.Mangabat in patay bang lummian in kubul nila.The dead will cause illness if you make their graves dirty.vrdp. ran -an.To remove such an illness through divination of the curse.Accomplished by pulling strands of long hair and by uttering silently some magic verse.Abat-abati in bataꞌ marayꞌ kiyaabatan sin saytan.Remove the child’s illness by divination, maybe it has been afflicted with an illness caused by demons.OV SYN.sagdasawaylabhaꞌhantu2vmakaabatTo cause (someone) disgust or annoyance, be disgusting.Makaabat na in pagbutang mu atal yan.The way you put lipstick on is disgusting.
abayvag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To be side by side, abreast, in line with, be beside, (as a person sitting or walking).Nagꞌaabay kami nagpanaw.We were walking side by side.Abayan ku in pangantin babai pa bāy.I’ll escort the bride to the (groom’s) house.OV SYN.daig 1suuktapilnpangabayA group of associates or attendants, entourage; running mates (in an election), any group or list of people teaming up (with someone).Dimatung na in manga pangabay sin prisidinti.The president’s entourage has arrived.Sila in pangabay sin gubnul ha iliksiyun ini.They are the governor’s running mates this coming election.
abbu1nPride, arrogance, boastfulness.Nakalanduꞌ in abbu sin tau yan.That fellow’s pride is really too much.adjabbuhan/maabbuArrogant, boastful, proud.Marugal aku ha tau abbuhan.I detest an arrogant fellow.vag mag-, -um-.To boast, brag (about something).Magꞌabbu sadja kaw sin way kaingatan mu.You are continually bragging whereas you really don’t know anything.Imabbu siya sabab nagkarayahan na.He became boastful when he got rich.Hipagꞌabbu niya sadja in tawmpaꞌ niya baꞌgu.He is always bragging about his new shoes.OV SYN.dakagaruttakabbul2vrdp. pat -un.To flatter, overpraise, adulate (someone).Subay abbu-abbuhun in mastal yan bat kaw makapās.You have to flatter that teacher in order to get a passing mark.OV SYN.bantug 2bawk
abi-abivAQ ag/goal mang-, -um-; pat -un.Sometimes not rdp.To invite (someone to help in the preparation for a special event such as a wedding).Iyaabi-abi namuꞌ siya magꞌari-ari sin bāy pagtiyaunan.We invited her to decorate the house for the wedding.Mangabi-abi kita ha manga bagay ha paglanuꞌ sin halaman.We will invite our friends to help clean our yard.OV SYN.*taabbitsabiimbayt
abilavar.apabilarelIf, when (usu. used in a warning).Abila kaw kapalian lubakan ta pa kaw.If you get a cut I’ll spank you.Abila malawaꞌ in sīn yan, kasakitan kaw.If that money gets lost, you’ll be punished.Abila kaw diꞌ magkahagad ha Tuhan tantu in ikaw yan ha lawm narkaꞌ.If you disobey God, surely you will go to hell.OV SYN.bang
abin1vAQ ag/goal mang-, -um-; pat -un.To pick out, select, choose (something) beforehand.Abin na kaw sin kabayaan mu.Select what you like.Abinun ku in bunga yaun bat makākuꞌ paghinug.I’ll choose that fruit beforehand so that it will be mine when it’s ripe.Umabin na kita bābā awn pa.Let’s pick out (one) while there’s still some.OV SYN.kandī2vpat -un.To be possessed temporarily by an evil spirit.Iyaabin siya sin saytan.He is possessed temporarily by an evil spirit.OV SYN.pīꞌ 1sūd1 1.1
ablangnWidth, breadth (as of a lot, board, or room).adjmaablangSpacious, broad, vast.Maablang isab in digpiꞌ ini.This board is broad.OV SYN.lakbanghabugANT.matingting*tingting
abunAshes, fine gray residue of wood, etc.adjmaabuAshy.vCH 1 ag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To scour (plates or the like) using ashes (as cleanser).Abuha in manga anglit yan bat maīg in buling.Scour-with-ashes those pots to remove the sooty dirt.nabuhanA cooking stove.adjabuhun/abu-abuGray, grayish in color.
abuꞌvar. ofbabuꞌnAunt, stepmother, respectful term of address to a woman older than oneself.
abug-abugvag mag-.To compete.In duwa magpangtungud yaun nagꞌaabug-abug ha pagꞌusaha nila.Those two cousins are competing in business.
abugawTag.nAttorney, lawyer.Kumāꞌ aku abugaw bang kami maghukum.I will get an attorney if we go to court.vag mag-.Does not occur with pa₂.To take up or study law, be a lawyer (for someone else).Aku in magꞌabugaw kaymu.I will be your lawyer.SYN.saraꞌ 1OV SYN.piskalCf.huwismanghuhukum*hukum
abughuꞌnJealousy.Pasal abughuꞌ in kiyapagbugitan nila.Jealousy was the cause of their divorce.adjmaabughuꞌJealous (of a loved one, esp. one’s spouse).Carries a strong sexual component.Maabughuꞌ siya bang awn dumā magbissara ha asawa niya.He is jealous whenever another man speaks to his wife.vST pat mang-, -um-.To be or become jealous.Maytaꞌ kaw mangabughuꞌ kākuꞌ?Why are you jealous of me?OV SYN.akig
abuhan(from abu + -an₁)nA cooking stove (using wood, etc. as fuel).Maabu na in abuhan niyu.Your cooking stove is covered with ashes.OV SYN.dapulan
*abunawTag.vag mag-, -um-; pat/inst hi-; ran -an.To pay or make additional payment (for something on someone’s behalf) and be reimbursed later.Aku in magꞌabunaw kaniya.I’ll pay for her and she’ll reimburse me later.Pila in kiyaabunaw mu?How much did you pay additionally that needs to be reimbursed?Bang way sīn mu hipagsukay abunawan ta na kaw.If you have no money for fare I’ll pay for you and you reimburse me.OV SYN.bayadCf.sukay1
*abung1vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To head off (something, as when chasing animals), wait for (someone) along the way.Abungi in manuk bat diꞌ makalayuꞌ.Head off the chicken so it can’t go far.Abungi sila bang lumabay.Wait for them along the way when they pass by.OV SYN.hapaꞌ