Vasui - English



TolemësBiblical SourceTolemesPrp.NPtolemais...ko vos em pa vöön va Tolemës,......and then we arrived at Ptolemais,...
tom1vsuck (to)E koaʼ to tom vakit a sisiʼ pe sinan.The child sucked completely his mother's milk.2nrelativeE voe e kën tom pën.The man is from your group of relatives.
tomaʼconjelse, lest, might, otherwiseKe Ieesuʼ taʼ a ma vamomhë peʼ pan, eʼe se rëh vatët maʼ to paröʼ, keʼ se tok, suk a napan to peo tomaʼ tot vavah in poë.And Jesus commanded his diciples like this, they should pull the boat close, so he could get on, because the people were many and they might shove him around.
tomeʼconjelse, lest, might, otherwiseEöʼ to teʼ me noʼ a tönim kea peöʼ, ke Lësarus se nö ko heʼ raoe a soe pa panih a ma taateʼ hat pee, tomeʼ eʼe nö maʼ manih pa vöön va pa kon o kamis apuh vëh.’I have five brothers, and Lazarus must go and give them the talk to change all their bad customs, otherwise they will come here to this place of getting this big pain.'
tomëtoʼntomatoA ma tomëtoʼ to ninin vih.All the tomatoes taste good.
tominadvgently, quietly, softlyTo tomin hah ka pënton voh.Speak softly again and then we(incl) had listened.
tomonkin.nsister (elder sister)E tomon e Vaseoʼ ivëh e Karensi.The sister of Vaseo that is Karensi.
ton1vincite (to)Eʼ to ton kamöm po vapus.He incited us to fight.2nwater pipeA ruen se ho maʼ iuun po ton.The water will come into the house in a water pipe.
tonavreply (to)Tona ke köövo pënton maʼ.Reply to the woman and she hears and comes.
tononnlakeEʼ to këh en pa vöön va Nasarët, ... Eʼ to teʼ vatët non pa sinten a tonon va Galiliʼ.He left the village of Nazareth. ... It stays (is situated) near the side of the lake of Galilee.
tonunadjback, behind, outside, topManuh tonun iuun.There behind the house.
tonuneahinal.bdpt.nback (her), back (his), back (it's)Ivëh, keʼ huk vatët maʼ pa tonuneah, ko hariun en po ohop peʼ.Therefore, then she went near to his back, and touched his clothes.
tonuneoʼinal.bdpt.nback (my)...a Tuvuh Vasioʼ to nö maʼ manih peöʼ, köʼ tënan a soe apuh to tanih va non manih pa suvin manih pa tonuneoʼ....the Holy Spirt came on me, then I heard a big talk which sounded like a conch shell at my back.
top1vburrow (to), chip (to), dig a cave (to), hollow out (to), stuck (to be)A kuvia to top o oeh ko nok a iuun peʼ.The rat burrowed the ground and made her house.2ncave, holeA top apuh to teʼ non koman a tope.There is a big cave inside the mountain.
topanancestral house, ceremonial houseO kaamus to pet non matan topa.The slit drum is in front of the ceremonial house.
topasEnglishtopasntopazKa tönim me a taanaʼ, eʼ a vös topas ...And the ninth, it is a topaz stone ...
topenmountainA tope ivëh koman a muhin to apuh rakah.This mountain inside the area is indeed big.
Tope-HorPrp.NMount Hor, name, place Ee to këh a Tope-Hor ko uʼuu tanu ee Salmonaʼ.
Tope-SëferPrp.NMount Shepher, name, placeEe to këh a Kehelataʼ ko u’uu tanu ee Tope-Sëfer.
topniadjmiddleE köövo to nipnip a kuma topni a meh tah.The woman is planting sweet potatoes in the middle of other things.
topnin1adjbetween, center, middleA iuun peöʼ to teʼ nom topnin in a iuun pe Pitaʼ me iuun pe Tomas.My house remains between Peter's house and Thomas' house.2prepamongE köövo to nip a kon topnin a meh tah.The woman planted corn among other things.
topniineöminal.prepamong (you)Köm sih vaʼaus a kiu nemöm to nonok nem, keʼ tavus vaʼpuh manih topniineöm.Then you(p) will help the work which we(excl) are doing, and it will become important among you(p).
topniirainal.prepamong us (incl), in the middle of (us)(incl)...eöʼ to iu soe tavus rakah ka no neöm pe sipuura e Devit. Eʼ to mët voh en kee pe ee peʼ, ko vapeepe peʼ teʼ e non manih topniira kuru vëh....I would like to tell out indeed to you(p) of our ancestor David. He is dead and they buried him, and his cemetery is here in our midst today.
topniireinal.prepamong (them), in the middle of (them)...keʼ tavus vaʼpuh manih topniire....and it will become important among them.
topniiroinal.prepin the middle ofSuk ataeah, poʼ ka napan pe Kristo me e kea pee manuh po vahutët ko vateʼ poë po vahutët topniiro teʼ to hikta vaman ne e Kristo?Why, then do the people of Christ take their brother to court and put him in court in the middle of the people who do not believe in Christ?