Vasui - English



tötopnuʼnmuscle, sinewA tötopnuʼ peʼ to eh.His muscles are strong.
tötövchirp (to continually)[chirping], crow (to continually)[crowing], groan (to continually)[groaning], loose (to continually be) scream (to continually)[screaming], slack (to be),Toaʼ to tötö non.The chicken is crowing.
tötökrusdial. var.tötökurusvbreak (to continually)[breaking]A kë pe voe to tötökrus ee.The man's net is continually breaking.
tötönunvgather (to continually)[gathering], meet together (to continually)[gathering together]Manih pa ö poanheh no a tah koa to pët non, manih pa ö pamëh a ma növan ënëën tah koa to tötönun ne sih nën.In whatever place where something rotten remains, in that place where all the birds that continually eat rotten things always continually gather there.
tötöpkaʼvflower (to continually)[flowering]Ee tötöpkaʼ vah va ne sih nih?How are they always flowering?
tötöspanvfaint (to continually)[fainting], unconscious (to continually be)Ee tomeʼ tötöspan rakah ee po maë, ko sunë këh ee pa nö hah manuh hanan.They might continually faint on the road because of being hungry and they will be too weak to go on the road.
tötöönadvon top ofKeʼ vih non peöm se ru in na eah po oeh, paröm kom tötöön eah pa ma moeeneöm.And it is good that you(p) must pour it (salt) on the ground and you(p) step on top of (trample) it with your feet.
tötöötaʼnplace of the deadE voe to mët ko nö en manuh tötööraʼ.The man died and went to the place of the dead.
tövaenadjbetrothed (be)...a ma poen se tavus maʼ no upöm teʼ se me ke ee pe voe tövaen vavoon, keʼ këh en pa ma teʼ peʼ....the day of marriage (wedding day) for that young man will arrive and he will leave (all) his friends.
tövakihatnenemyE tövakihat pën se keh maë, kën makën eah,...If your(s) enemy should be hungry, then you(s) should feed him,...
tövaneahnowner (it's)E tönaneah pa iuun to nö en.The owner of the house went away.
tövapupuinbaptiserVasuksuk no a ma vamomhë pe Jon Tövapupui to nö maʼ manih pe Ieesuʼ...After that the friends (followers) of John the Washer (John the Baptiser) came here to Jesus
tövavanöncaptain, driver...e susun pa nap vëvënsun to vaman en pa soe pe tövavanö o paröʼ, me e tövaneah, ko pënton varo en pa soe pe Pöl....the boss of the fighting men (army) believed the talk of the captain of the ship, and the owner, and listened far away (disregarded) Paul's talk.
tövavaasisnteacher“Vahvanih ke tövavaasis peöm ënëën vaʼpeh me non pa nap kokon takis me ro teʼ no a ma taateʼ pee to hat?”"And how can your teacher be eating together with the people who collects taxes (tax collectors) and the disobedient people?"
tövenndesign, patternE Sukia to nok a taknin töven.Sukia is making a pattern on the bamboo wall.
töveneahinal.kin.nin law (her), in law (his), in law (it's)...e köövo muvaen se rës en pe köövo töveneah suk e köövo töveneah to vaman en peöʼ....the female-in-law woman (daughter-in-law) will turn and hate the woman her mother-in-law because her mother-in-law believes in me.
töʼtöʼngingerKa ma kakoʼ nee to vavoen voh ne ivarih, sinamon, töʼtöʼ ënëën, a ma tah ësës ovoavuh vih,...And the cargoes which they had been buying, these ones, cinnamon, ginger (spice) for eating, good smelling things for burning (incense),...
töön1vconsumed (to be), drink water after eating (to), hold together (to), job committed (to be), put on top of (to be), tie up (to) tavus en a vös vamomoaan vëh to töön vakis a iuun.... it has become the first post, in order to hold together the house.2advon top of, strong desire, togetherEën se keh pënton voh eom pa soe ko nat enom pa soe to tanih voh en eën to öt töön enom pa moniʼ.If you had wanted to listen to the talk you would know the talk that sounded like you (would) have money on top of (have more money).
töötövweak (to be)A Tuvuh Vasioʼ me to vavaʼaus e non sih pea pa ö na to töötö no.The Sacred Wind (Holy Spirit) also always helps us(incl) when we(incl) are weak.
TrakonitisBiblical SourceTrakonitisPrp.NTraconitis, placeKe kea peʼ e Filip to teʼ non a teʼ sunun to matop non a muhin va Ituria me Trakonitis,...And his brother Philip was the chief person that governed over the area of Iturea and Traconitis,...
traösisEnglishtrausisntrousers, pantsA paten in a traösis peöʼ to tökurus.The button on my trousers is broken.
trëtnthreadKon o ka trët ereraʼ pareʼ noh en pa koren e koaʼ pareʼ soe, e koaʼ vaʼih se vovoh tavus maʼ.
TrifinaʼPrp.NTryphena, nameParöm heʼ me a potan avih peöʼ manih pe Trifinaʼ pen Trifosaʼ.And you give my good day there to Tryphena and Tryphosa.
TrifosaʼPrp.NTryphosa, nameParöm heʼ me a potan avih peöʼ manih pe Trifinaʼ pen Trifosaʼ.And you give my good day there to Tryphena and Tryphosa.