Vasui - English



tataponvbreak apart (to continually)[breaking apart] a ma meh tah varih to tanok, a mët pe Ieesuʼ, me a muhin to popoen en, ko vös to tatapon, pare pah naöp suntan ee,......and all other whatever things happened. These ones, all of these things, the death of Jesus, and the place being darkened, and the stones breaking apart (split), then they were really afraid indeed,...
tatapuivwash ceremonially (to continually)[washing ceremonially]E Ieesuʼ to tatapui non raoe, e Sosoenën he me peah en peʼ manuh pa vöön va kin.Jesus blessed them, while God took him up to heaven.
tatarahnpiece of wood to stiffen sago palm leaf shingleKon maʼ ta tatarah köʼ huh a ta ato.Bring me the piece of wood to stiffen the sago palm leaf shingle and I will sew it.
tatarep1vdream (to)E voe to tatarep non e këh peʼ to kö.The man dreamed his dog laughed.2ndreamA tatarep peöʼ to vavanaöp an eöʼ.My dream continually makes me afraid.
tatarihvturn (to continually)[turning]A taiaʼ in a motoka to tatarih non.The truck tire is turning.
tataropusvstuck (to be) (in mud)Eʼ SUNÖN Sipoan to nok a ma vui in a ma karis pee, kee tataropus ko hikta vavaveo vakis ne.The LORD Royal Chief made the wheels of their chariots, they got stuck (in the mud) and could not continually run well.
tataruvfall down (to continually)[falling down], spill (to continually)spilling...ka ma moniʼ pee tataru ee manih po oeh....and all their money was spilling on the ground.
tataumvfind (to continually)[finding]...o ëhnan apuh pamëh se apuh oah e non pa ma punis na to tataum no manih kuru....this big name (honor) will be much bigger than all the heavies we(incl) are finding here today.
tatavivgo around (to continually)[going around]Keʼ kukuteʼ en pa ma napan varih to ihoʼ tatavi e poë,...And he was staring at these people who were going around with him,...
tatavusvcome out (to be continually)[coming]; happen (to continually)[happening]A ma taateʼ hat varih to tatavus taneʼ ne maʼ po kokoman pa teʼ,...All these bad attitudes coming out from the thought of a person,
tataanvmeet (to)E voe to tataan e köövo peʼ manuh toaan.The man will meet his wife at the market.
tatekvdestroy (to continually)[destroyed)Ivëh, kee se tatek rakah va ee manih pa ö neʼ to tatek vavoh.Therefore, then they will indeed be destroyed like this the way which he (Korah) had been destroyed long ago.
taudial. var.pataunsunshade or umbrella made of panadanus leavesO tau pe köövo noaneoʼ maneom.That is the sunshade of my mother-in-law.
taumvencounter (to), endure (to), find (to)Ee to ho ee manuh koman iuun, pare taum ee pe koaʼ pen e sinaneah Mariaʼ.They went there inside the house, and they found the child and it's mother Mary.
tavahiposnnative pillow, neck support, pillowHeʼ ma ta tavahipos köʼ koroh.Give me the pillow and I will sleep.
tavahoʼntreasure (a)“Eöm se nat nem ununun nem ta ma moeh tavahoʼ peöm manih po oeh vëh.You must not heap up all your kinds of treasures here on this earth.
tavi1vgo around (to)A eean to tavi non a rak pe re Anaʼ.The fence goes around Anna's garden.2preparoundO köövo se nat ne tavi a kën voe.Women must not go around behind the men's back.
tavihinnbat (a)A tavihin to kakaak non sih a hunun in o oe.The bat is always drinking the coconut juice.
tavonvapply (to)Tavon e koaʼ pën pa kompoʼ.Apply hair oil on your child.
tavöönncommunity...a tavöön peʼ to pah heve rakah e ne peʼ,......the people of his community (village) were indeed very angry with him,
tavus1vappear (to), approach (to), arrive (to), become (to), born (to be), come upon (to), go out (to), happen (to), reach (to)E voe se tavus maʼ manih nös.The man will arrive here later.2advbecome, from, outE voe to nö vöön tavus e Bukaʼ.The man went to the village from Buka.
taʼvask (to), command (to), suggest (to), tell (to)Taʼ e koaʼ vëh keʼ nö pa nok ma ta kiu.Ask the child here to go and do the work.
taʼkëvget up (to), rise (to)E Ieesuʼ to taʼkë maʼ, pareʼ hi e köövo pamëh pan, “A napan varih to teʼ ko ne manih nö nih?”Jesus got up, and he asked that woman like this, "These people who were here where did they go?"
taʼtaʼ1vcommand (to continually)[commanding], suggest (to continually)[suggesting], tell (to continually)[telling]...pare veo tavus o teʼ varih to taʼtaʼ ne a napan kee mimiröʼ ne a ma vaman pee,...and they will chase out these people who are telling the people and they are spoiling their faith,2advquickly, suddenlyEöʼ se orom taʼtaʼ a ruen.I will quickly swallow the water.
taaiunnmother-in-law (wife's side)A taaiun peöʼ to nö vur ee.My mother-in-law recently went.