Word Category Abbreviations


Here is a list of all word category abbreviations and what they mean:


adj   adjective
adv   adverb
con   connector
con.dep.aft   dependent connector after main clause
con.dep.bef   dependent connector before main clause
con.main   main clause connector
con.rel   relative connector
dem   demonstrative
indef   indefinite adjective
n   noun
num   number
oth   other word category or unknown word category
pref   derivational prefix
prep   preposition
pron   pronoun
pron.obj   object pronoun
pron.posiv   possessive pronoun
pron.posor   possessor pronoun
pron.sub.comp   completive subject pronoun
pron.sub.incomp   incompletive subject pronoun
qu   question word
v   verb
vn   verbal noun