Buhutu - English



ma faihona1with three2three at the same timeemi wasa begana doha ite, ai ema paisoa mate, ma faihona moho ӥ paisowa.A bit of your news is like this, in regard to our work, we are just working in three places.
ma faligigi luwagaNP1seven2with seven repetitionsAi lahai fafafaligigi luwagana, au ta'i'ili ma faligigi luwaga, tau antalasam bwagigi haba sa yufidi.On the seventh day, you are to circle around (with) seven times, then the priests will blow their trumpets (Triton shells).
ma fatiCOMfour timesNa yena sai ena ginauli E bwalafahi, haba E famaisa~fuyoi, ma fatiAnd if I have cheated (tricked) anyone about their goods, I will pay him back four times.Use of commitative {ma} with a number to show the arithmetic "times" function.
ma fisaCOM1how longHaba ma fisa Yau maꞌemiu? How long shall I be with you?2how manyGuyau, ibe hidagu laulau heyaheyayana lisigu yai ya ginauli, ma fisa haba ena heyaheyaya E nuwa~afuledi?Lord, if my companion does something bad to me, how many times will I forgive his badness (sin)?
ma gadosisinaCOM1love (with)2with loveYesu ma gadosisina ya mainene lau lisina, na iye, чinauli esega moho hige u ginauliJesus looked at him with love and said, "There is one more thing that you've not done."
ma gigibwalinaCOM1having heat2heat (having its}Na ma gigibwalina alita begana u lau sibusibuwen na haba ami an,...While it's hot sprinkle with salt and eat plain,...
ma guliyamnaCOMhunger (having ones)Na in, hola ma guliyamna, ho'owa aba yahiyahi ya andi.But as for him, since he was still hungry he ate the water dipper.
ma hantapunaCOMwith interesthaba E fuyoma mate egu moni hudohudo'ina ma hantapuna ya abi~fafuyo?When I returned, then I would get my my various money back with interest/increase?The expression {ma hantapuna} only occurs once in the Buhutu data at this time, May 2018, so the meaning is not 100% clear.
ma heyayana, nuwanaCOMheavy heart (with a)Yesu nuwana ma heyayana yo fede ya lau bwana. Jesus with a heavy heart, then went to the burial place.
ma hidamCOMwith your companion
ma hidanaCOM1accompany with a friend2with friend3friend (with a)4with his friend
ma hwalahwalalanaNP1in the morning2morning (in the)Ma hwalahwalalana na ena dafu wa ya au-komakomani'i.In the morning he carefully lashed his raft.
ma ida'idahenaCOM1uncookedTabu sipi ma~ida'idahena o ma~'wasinana ti an yo tabu ai ho'owa ti bu'a.Don't eat the sheep raw, or with the blood, or cooked in water.2raw (with its greeneness)
ma imo'imodiCOMwith taro (their)Nogeya, ma imo'imodi sa guli mulimuli mate, hidadi ibwau sa eno hafiti, yo fede ma lau pupuna.It was too bad! they all toppled over backward with the taro, and they startedled their friend the rat lying [underneath], so he went and broke wind.
ma kamukamumunaCOMin darknessBobonna hola nu'u ma kamukamumuna, mate tatau luwaga sa luhulau bebedula hesa ganahewana yai be sa alasimo.The next day when the place was still in darkenss, then the two men went inside another pig net and hid themselves.lit: with iits darkeness
ma kamumunaCOMin darkness
ma kiukiugu31COMin my smallnessov. synma wawayagu2ma wawayagu3ma wawayagu3maisanama kiukiugu 32COMwhen I was small3smallness (my)Fuyana ma kiukiugu, na nu'u hesa hesana Fuifui yai E miya ,When I was small, I lived in a place called Fuifui.Ini ma kiukiuna mate ana wasawasabuna mate palele yo namali.As for him, from his very childhood on, [lit. in his smallness] his fear was thunder and lightning.
ma kiukiunaCOM1in ones smallness2childhood (ones)3smallness (ones)
ma kofadiCOMnakedness (in their)
ma kofakofadiCOM1nakedness (in their)2naked condition (with their)Taumoho yo waihin mate, ma kofakofadi, na in moho, hige ti taumayamaya.As for the man and the woman, they were in their naked state, but they were not ashamed.Sa awayagala'en, be sa taumayamaya, mate iti ma kofadi.They disobeyed him, and so they were ashamed, (as) they were in their nakedness.