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samosamoan1large banana varietyov. synasai1 2bihiya 4bwakaka 1golagolamisilukimulumuluwatemba2lsrge plant varietyPlant varieties which are very large and believed to be imported types are often called {samosamoa} in the belief thsat they were imported from the South Sea Islands" such as Samoa. This term has been used for both coconuts and bananas, for example.3coconut variety{Samosamowa} is a coconut variety with large (full-sized) nuts, but with the tree itself having a short trunk.
samosamoneneadvsecretlyna i'ipana ana hewali sa lau samosamonene, be silanina sa angafuhiAnd in the night his disciples came secretly, and then they stole his his body.
samosamonenemaVincoming secretly, to beAna fuya ya samosamonenema,His time is coming secretly
samuiVinwork the soil (to)Baꞌisa, haga i ota bolima esega moho. Haba E samui. Sir, let it remain for one more year. I will work the soil.Hapex legomenon: probably has something to do with working the soil.
sana~fuyomaVintake over?? (to)Yo ai Diusi aba oigogo lumadi bena sa hasai sa taꞌai be sa sana~fuyoma, And in the Jewish synagogues they would go up and sit down, and take over{??)This word occurs only once as of April 2018, so check its meaning.
sana~hudo'iVtrturn someone away (to)ibe hige ya sana~hudoꞌi yena in sai ya laoma lisigu. I would not turn anyone away who comes to me.
sana~taluhidiVtr1come forth (to)yo ena liba amnadi mo'ana yai sa sana~taluhidi, mate sa no'o'edi.They were amazed at all the words which came forth from his mouth.2alight (to)
sanalanstorage place
sanalauVinreach over (to)
sanaloloVinglance up (to)Ya ita komakoman. Ya sanalolo, aho Budoinuwalele wa ya bawabawa.She looked carefully. She glanced up, and Budoinuwalele was sitting (there).eno sanasanalolounspec. comp. formVinlie down glancing around (to)Sa kalahe ya ofi, tautaumoho ya lau be pou yai ya eno sanasanalolo. And, when they had finished eating it, he was lying down on the veranda glancing around.
sanalolo~hasaunspec. var.hasaVinglance up (to) Yesu ya mahano~lau nuꞌuna yai, ya sanololo~hasa, be Sakiyesi ya falibaJesus arrived at that place and he glanced up and spoke to Zachaeus.
sanasanaloloVinglancing up (to be)See also {eno sanasanalolo} "to glance up while lying down."
SandeinSundaySandei maimailafi yai, mate tau fa'ona wasawasa sa fa'oigogo esega luma gudugududi yai,On Sunday afternoon the disciples were meeting together in a closed house.{Sabati} was unsed formerly, but {Sunday} is now in more common usage.ov. synSabati 4wiki{Sandei} < ENG Sunday
sa'oVtrpush it, to
sa'o hiti'iVtrpush something together (to)Yo fede oyagina mate, esega tefa yai, esega tefa yai, esega tefa yai sa sa'o hiti'i, ya ofi.And so, as for his firewood, they pushed one piece on one side, one on another side, and one on the other.
sapalonsparrowAtai'a luwaga, hesa hesana kuwalo na hesa kiukiu hesana sapalo. Sa miyamiya gogo yo sa lofolofo fawefawewe.Here are two birds, one is called a quail, and the other little one is called a sparrow. They are birds that live together and fly in flocks.< ENG, "sparrow"
SapaulinSapauliAi 'e lau tamagu ena luma Sapauli yai.We went to my father's house at Sapauli.Sapauli is a village along the western shore of the bay on the mainland along the Suau Coast which immediately faces Suau Island.
sau1Vtr??2Vtrwipe it, to3partwiping
saufahidiVtr1wipe them off, tonuwadi ti amna, yo edi heyaya ya saufahidi!They will be blessed (their hearts will feel good) and their sins he will wipe off.2erase them, to
sauwelantowelna sauwela atipuna yai mate amainiya ahedi ya saudi. And with a towel around his waist (middle), there he wiped their feet.
sawedoVinslip away (to)In moho sa yo'o~fuyoi, bena sa tohai, na ya sawedo be ya lau~afuledi.But they searched for him again so they might catch him, but he slipped away and left them.See also {mwadofi} "slip away quietly" CHECKING: There is only one instance of {sawedo} in our database at this time.