halulun1for2sake of (for the)Hige ya faheyayadi, na fawananahadi halulu E laoma.I do not destroy them, but I came for the sake of verifying them/proving them to be true.3as a goal4account of (on)ginauli ana halulu.on account of something/for the sake of something5for (as a goal, or on account of; benefactive)'E lau, habahim, Leileiyafa ana halulu 'e lau.Then we went. We went with Leileiyafa as our goal.Yau E laoma te mate, hige dodoga loloho adi halulu,I did not come here on account of the good people,6for (as a goal or targetted object; with ill intent)Na ya lidima gwama ana halulu.But he [the Eagle] came down for the boy.Tataudi luwaga sa fuyo Tau Kaikaitau ana halulu be sa lau funuhi eee-- ya pe'i.The two men went after Tau Kaikaitauand then they killed him, until he died.E sibai haba laiyon ya fuyoma agu halulu be ya anigu.I know that the lion came on my account so he could eat me.

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