paisowa11Vinwork (to)na mulina yai usa la'ila'i ya usa, mate 3 months hige ai paisoa.but afterwards big rain fell, and then we did not work for three months.Do'ata mate haba ami wawewawewe, ibege au paipaisowa.If like that you will be spreading out, if you do not keep working.Buka ӥ bui, na usa ea ota-ԥsegahi. yo borowada ya wewe-ԥsegahi hinaga be hige ai paipaisoa,We translate the Book, but the rains have held on, and the floods have continued also, se we are not working.2Vinwork (to)3Vtruse (to)4nwork5nactivitywaga tau paisowapaisowa~ma'udacomp.Vtrfinish ones work, toLahai fafafaligigi-luwagana yai Yaubada ha'a ya paisowa~ma'uda na ya anyawasi.On the seventh day God completed his work and he rested.

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