Data Formats Supported

The following data formats are supported in Webonary:


FieldWorks Language Exploror (FLEx) has the ability to export a Configured Dictionary in XHTML format. This file can be imported by Webonary.


You will need to convert your data to a format called "LIFT XML." The format is supported by FLEx and Lexique Pro. Quoting our friends who produced WeSay: "If your dictionary is very simple, you may be able to convert [your Toolbox data] to LIFT using Lexique Pro. A bit more complicated, and you should use FLEx.

Finally, the average 10 year old linguist-produced Toolbox dictionary will probably need days of cleanup. We suggest using SOLID in the first stage of clean-up, and the FLEx SFM import as the second stage. Due to SFM's inherent inadequacies with respect to representing hierarchical data, this cleanup is often a 'computer consultant' level job."