Application for Android App

To request an App for Android devices on the Google Play Store, please fill out the following form.

There is a fee for this service. The amount depends on the complexity of the project. Upon the receipt of this form, someone will contact you for your lexical materials. They will assess the work necessary, propose a fee, and then work with you to convert the data and import it into FLEx. For those unable to pay, this fee may be waived.

We are only able to accept data exported from the SIL Fieldworks Explorer (FLEx) program.
If your data isn't stored in FLEx, converting the data is a separate project which we are happy to help with.

For help in filling out this form, click on Dictionary App form instructions.

Once we have received your form we will be in touch about obtaining your data to create the app.



    Language Name:*


    Language ISO 639-3 Code (3 letter code): can be used as a resource.

    Name of the dictionary:*

    e.g. Hanga Dictionary, Lexique Gusiilaay

    Who is the copyright holder:*

    Is there a Webonary site for the dictionary:

    Is the project in FLEx:

    My project has pictures and I have permission to use them:

    My project has audio files and I have permission to use them:

    Note: we are unlikely to be able to use the audio files in the app because of app size limits set by Google.

    Does the dictionary have a reversal index:

    Are there special characters which should appear on the search page to make entering words easier: e.g. à,ñ

    Does the dictionary use special fonts? If so, what are they?

    Is the text Right-to-Left (e.g. Arabic)?

    Do you want a picture (splash screen) displayed when the app starts?

    Do you want any of these links on the Navigation pop-out page:

    Do you want a picture at the top of the Navigation pop-out page:

    Sharing: Do you want any of these links for sharing the app on the sharing page:

    Is this the first time an app has been created for this dictionary: