Adding Pictures in Lexical Data

1) First set up your \LinkedFiles\Pictures\ folder in the FLEx project folder.
If you want to include pictures in your dictionary, make sure you save your images in a folder named “pictures” which should be located in the folder you specify under the “Linked Files” setting in FLEX.

Copy your pictures into this folder. Use the pictures in this folder to insert into the Picture field of a Sense in FLEx.

2) Make sure your images are in one of these formats: jpg, gif or png. The image names must not contain any empty spaces.

3) Create thumbnail images (small versions of the images which will be displayed when the full-size version would take too much room).

Suggested size for thumbnails is around 150px (preferably not bigger than 10kb)
The original pictures could be around 500px (preferably not bigger than 100kb)

You can use any program you like to resize images to create the smaller images, but you may find a program like IrfanView useful, since it has a "batch" function for resizing a number of images at the same time (see instructions). The thumbnails you create must have exactly the same names as the original files, which includes respecting upper and lower case distinctions in the extension (.jpg vs .JPG, for example) as well as the rest of the file name. (If you only get an icon instead of a thumbnail image in Webonary, one probable cause is that the thumbnail is missing or the name of the thumbnail is not exactly the same as the original.) Place the thumbnails in a \LinkedFiles\Thumbnails\ folder alongside the \LinkedFiles\Pictures\ folder that holds the original images.

4) On Webonary, make sure we have created these folders (/images/original/ and /images/thumbnail/) for you. (If you are self-hosting your WordPress dictionary site, create a folder “images” under “wp-content/uploads” and 2 folders named “original” and “thumbnail” under your newly created folder “images”.)

5) To upload the pictures, you will need an FTP transfer program. There is a free program, FileZilla here: httpss:// You will also need an FTP username and password that can be obtained from the administrator. The FTP username and password are specific to one dictionary (and may differ from your Webonary login).

6) Upload ...\LinkedFiles\Pictures\ from your computer to /images/original/ and ...\LinkedFiles\Thumbnails\ to /images/thumbnail/ on Webonary using FTP. (When somebody clicks on a thumbnail image on Webonary, it will open a new window with the original image.)