Adding Pictures in Lexical Data

Setting up Pictures in FLEx 9.1

It is important that you have permission to use all pictures included in your dictionary. FLEx will ask you to add copyright information when you add a picture to a sense or subsense.

1) Make sure your pictures are in one of these formats: jpg, gif or png. The picture names must not contain any empty spaces.

2) When adding pictures select the option "Copy to Linked Files Folder" if your pictures are not already in that folder.

3) The original pictures could be around 500px (file size preferably not bigger than 100kb).

You can use any program you like to resize images to create the smaller images, but you may find a program like IrfanView useful, since it has a "batch" function for resizing a number of images at the same time (see instructions).

4) The Webonary upload process automatically includes the pictures.

Detailed instructions on adding pictures to your dictionary are contained in the FLEx help file.