Adding Sound Files in Lexical Data

Setting up Audio in FLEx 9.1

It is important that you have permission to use any sound files included in your dictionary.

Set up two writing systems for the vernacular language in FLEx, the first one for the vernacular script and the second one for the vernacular audio. Click the + button and choose Add Audio.

Then you may link audio files to any vernacular field, most frequently the lexeme form and example sentence. If you use the record feature in FLEx, all sound files will be in .wav format. Webonary stores the files in mp3 format and they are automatically converted during the upload process.

Configure Dictionary View

In Tools -> Configure -> Dictionary… make sure the Audio Writing System under Headword and Example is checked so that the audio icon shows in the configured dictionary view and the audio files get uploaded.

Upload to Webonary

Using the Upload to Webonary feature in FLEx, will automatically upload the audio files and display an audio icon

Display Sound Files in Webonary

For displaying the mp3 files we use UbaPlayer. It uses HTML5 and there is a Flash fallback for older browsers. It will display a small player button after your entry.