Android App Form Instructions

We are only able to accept data exported from the SIL Fieldworks Explorer (FLEx) program. If your data isn't stored in FLEx, converting the data is a separate project which we are happy to help with.

Once we have received your form we will be in touch about obtaining your data to create the app.

These instructions are for this form

The fields marked with an asterisk* are required fields.

The name of the person requesting the app.
The email address of the person requesting the app.
Language Name:*
A language name that can be found in the Ethnologue.
Language ISO Code:
The 3-letter code from the Ethnologue. Go to and search for the Language Name. i.e. For ISO 639-3 use the 3-letter code, mnb.
The country where the majority of speakers live.
Name of the dictionary:* 
The name to be used as the app title.
e.g. Hanga Dictionary, Lexique Gusiilaay.
Visit this page for more examples.
Who is the Copyright Holder:*
Who holds the copyright for the Dictionary.
Is there a Webonary site for the dictionary:
Has the dictionary been uploaded to
Is the project in FLEx:

Is the dictionary stored in the FLEx dictionary software.

Does the project have pictures:
Are pictures used to illustrate some entries
Does the project have audio files:
Are audio files used to help with pronunciation of some entries.
Although we say that it is unlikely that audio files can be included in the app, depending on how the app will be distributed and the location of its users it may be possible to supply the files as an external package. This can be done either on an SD card or via a webhost.
Does the dictionary have a reversal index?
Does the dictionary have one or more reversal indices?
Are there special characters which should appear on the search page to make entering words easier:
On the Search page you can add characters that don't appear on the phone's keyboard to make entering words easier.
Does the dictionary use special fonts? If so, what are they?

If the dictionary is non-roman or contains special characters not found in the standard fonts we will need to use fonts that contain the characters used in the dictionary.

Is the text Right-to-Left (e.g. Arabic)?

Do we need to right-justify the text for languages which read from right to left.

Do you want a picture (splash screen) displayed when the app starts?

When the app starts it is possible to have a picture display for a short time. e.g. the cover of the printed dictionary.

Do you want any of these links on the Navigation pop-out page?

On the navigation page it is possible to have links to social media etc. (e.g. website, facebook, email). These items can also appear on the About page.

Sharing: Do you want any of these links for sharing the app on the sharing page?
It is possible to give the app user options to share the dictionary with other people. This makes it easy for them to get the app and increase its use.
Is this the first time an app has been created for this dictionary?
Has an Android app been created previously for this dictionary?