Error messages during the Upload process

If you see this message in the log file:


It means that some of your reversal entries are not connected to any entry in the main dictionary.  This happens when a reversal entry is created and then edited later on. The new spelling is in the reversal index and is connected to the main entry.  The old spelling is no longer connected, but it stays in the reversal index. You need to manually delete it. It is a good idea to periodically check for these “orphan reversal entries”.

To find and delete “orphan reversal entries”:

  1. Make a backup of your project, or do a Send/Receive, so there will be a checkpoint to get back to, in case something goes wrong in the delete process.
  2. Go to the Reversal Index view.  Do you see some entries that only have the Reversal Form (in the analysis language) but no vernacular word next to them?  These are the “orphan reversal entries”. After you complete the next steps, these won’t be there anymore.Reversal with orphans
  3. Go to Bulk Edit Reversal Entries.
  4. On the “Referenced Senses” column, filter for “Blanks”. Filter for Blanks
  5. Scan over the list.  Make sure all of them have the “Referenced Senses” column blank. Blank Referenced Senses
  6. At the bottom of the pane, choose the “Delete” tab.  Reversal Entries Delete tab
  7. In the combo box for “Item to Delete” choose “Reversal Entries (Rows)”.  (Be very careful about which one you chose--double check before performing the action.)  Choose what to delete
  8. Notice that “Preview” is not available (because entire Reversal Entries will be deleted). 
  9. Click Apply.
  10. Now you can remove the filter for “Blanks” under Referenced Senses.
  11. Go back to the “Reversal Index” view, and see if everything looks right.  You should no longer see those Reversal Entries that did not have any vernacular word next to them.No more orphans