We want to express our appreciation to the members of the Antipolo (Asipulo) Ifugao Community, particularly to our neighbors and friends in the Antipolo area. We were warmly welcomed and assisted in many ways. This Dictionary and Grammar Sketch is the result of their consistent and patient help to us in learning their language and understanding their culture.

Translation Team

The members of the Bible Translation Team contributed a great deal to the analysis of the language and compilation of the dictionary: Victor Baguilat, Teresita Dulawan, Anita Guindayan, Gabriel Kabbigat, Anuden Ligmayo, Alberto Maddawat, and Josephine Pataueg.

SIL Colleagues
SIL linguist colleagues

There are far too many colleagues to name who have taught, trained, consulted, and influenced us in person or with their writings. We are grateful for each one. However, we want to acknowledge a few who have greatly influenced this work through interaction during the many years of our linguistic and translation work: Sherri Brainard, Joseph Grimes, Robert Longacre, Kenneth and Evelyn Pike and Anne West. Donald Burquest also deserves special mention for all the consulting help he gave us on the Keley-i grammar. Sue McQuay has been a constant source of encouragement as we have worked toward completing this work for publication. Suzanne Jacobson and Virginia Larson have helped on final editing, and Rex Johnson has worked carefully on the typesetting of both the grammar sketch and dictionary.

SIL computer programmer colleagues

We want to acknowledge all of the SIL computer programmers who have worked diligently on programs to help us in both linguistic analysis and translation. We want to give special recognition to the following: Michael Cochran, Marc Jacobson, Ian McQuay, Gary Simons, John Wimbish, and Kenneth Zook.