Grammar Explanations

Word Explanations
Explanations for the following words:
Camiche - To wear a dress
Camicha - To wear pants
Camichene - Dress
Camichani - Pants

All these words come from “Camicha” which comes from the Spanish word which means “Shirt”. The Kalinago used this word to mean any sort of fabric, including dress, shirt, etc. In Wahiyani, we have used this word to mean “Dress” as well as “Pants”. Breton gives an example sentence which is “Kacamichenne na toketa boroman, give me this dress, this shirt, this fabric, this sailing canoe, this handkerchief”. Thus, I have used “Kamiche” to mean “To wear a dress” while “Kamichene” means “Dress” as a noun. Meanwhile, “Camicha” is used to mean “To wear pants”. However, “Camichani” is used to mean “Pants”.