Credits & acknowledgements

This dictionary was developed by the effort of many people including:

Samuel Ngome Ejedepang-Koge, of Ndom

Godfred Elong Metuge Roggy, of Nyasoso

Joseph A. Epang, of Ndom

Martin Mesumbe Ebage, of Nyasoso

Abraham Diobe, of Nyasoso

Ngole Hans Kede, of Ngomboku

Rev. David Ngole, Ngomboku

Kome Ngalame Hipolite, of Mekom

Nkwelle Ngome Joseph, of Ngomboku

Otto Elong Mebune, of Ngomboku

Ngwese Simon, of Kupe village

Pa Abraham Koge, of Kupe village

Rev. Nelson Ndando, of Nyasoso

Rev. Emmanuel Ekinde, of Ngomboku

In addition, the following sources provided information related to the language, culture, and environment:

H. Dorsch, Vocabularium der Nkosi-Sprache. 1911-1915

J. Ittmann, M. Levin, H. Balz, T. Atabe, E. Njume, C. Alobwede d’Epie, W. van Haaren, M. Cheek et al.

We also want to thank Roger Blench for leading a workshop to identify plant and animal species.