Buhutu - English



hige gonowanaNP1not able2unableYa lau bena ya la'ai. Hige gonowana.He went so he could pull it out, but he wasn't able to.Na in moho, ahelewa hige gonowadi.But just one thing, to no avail! They were unable[to do it]!
hige gonowana ta nuwatuhu~lobahiCLmysteriousDeba pogana yai mate hesana hige gonowana ta nuwatuhu~lobahi sa uli,On her forehead they had written a name which we can't understand (mysterious).Mysterious - "something we cannot understand (find) with our thinking"
hige gonowana te kamfahidiCL1indispensibleInmoho tauda hafudi haisa hige ti adidili mate iti ma adi paisowa hinaga, hige gonowana te kamfahidi! But the parts of our.incl bodies which are not strong also having their functions, and we can't remove them (they're indispensible)!2cannot remove them, we
hige hesanaNP1ring finger2.1Body2.1.3.3Finger, toe2no nameov. syngigi siusiu 1gigi siusiu 4gigigu 1gigipewanima gigigu3finger, ring
hige hige nuwana i amna lisidi yaiCLdispleasedInmoho, ganahewana yai, dodoga boludi Yaubada hige nuwana i amna lisidi yai,But among them God was displeased with many (lots of) of them.
hige i laoma1absent (one is)2didn't come (one)
hige mabadadiadv1not long2not a long timeLi'e wa hige mabadadi na sa in, pa'ana tanohi hige i potopoto.It didn't take long for the seeds to sprout, because the soil was not deep.anthige walolona 1ov. synmabada 1
hige sai laꞌi ena fayofayo tau abinaNP1free, person who isYau hige sai la'i ena fayofayo tau abina, inmoho yau E famala dodoga mahudo'idi edi fayofayo tau abina be haba nuwadi E abidi. I am not anyone's slave (I am free) but I become everyone's slave so that I might win (get) their hearts/minds.2person who is not a slaveLIT: "someone who is not a slave" that is: "a free person."
hige somo alinana1NP1not making a sound2nothing to saySa ta'ai doha oitau, yo doha Kwato sa lau-u'ula, hige somo alinana.They sat like statues, and like Kwato people praying, their sound was nothing.ov. synhige alinana 1hige somo alinana2hige somo ana alina 1
hige somo alinana2nothing to say, speechlessov. synhige alinana 1hige alinana 1hige alinana 1hige alinana 2hige somo alinana1 2hige somo ana alina 1hige somo ana alina 1hige somo ana alina 1hige somo ana alina 2
hige somo ana alinaNP1not making a soundov. synhige alinana 1hige alinana 1hige alinana 1hige alinana 2hige somo alinana1 2hige somo alinana2hige somo alinana2hige somo alinana2hige somo ana alina 22nothing to sayAti'atipu lofalofa mate, hige somo ana alina.For a long [time] in the middle, there was nothing making a sound.ov. synhige alinana 1hige somo alinana2hige somo ana alina 1
hige walolonaNP1not long afterHige walolona na nu'una 'e mahano.It wasn't very long after that we arrived at that place. anthige mabadadi 2mabada 32shortlyLahaina esegana, na maimailafina mate maihala ya sina-fiyo. Hige walolona habahim ya bulu.It was one day, and then in the afternoon, the sun shone again. It wasn't long and then it set [sank].3not long{Makai ma'esega} means "immediately," but when we use {hige walolona} it means - "it will take some time, then another thing happens."
hige'eadv1not2no3nothingFuyana Ipouli edi luma ya faheyayadi, na Gaisule ibona ena luma hige'e,At the time when the houses at Ipouli were destroyed, it was only Gaisule's house which was not.Na paisowa luwaga mate maisadi sa felefelegu na faihona mate hige'e.But for two of my jobs they give me payment, but for three, nothing.
hikon1string bagov. synbaiki 1baiki 1baiki 1baiki 6hiko 2plastiki 1plastiki 1plastiki 12bilumtraditional Papuan string bagov. synbaiki 1hiko 1plastiki 1
hin1Vtr1splash (to)2pour out (to)3pour it (to)Masina, masitauna te bu'a be ya tiwa, haba momona ya taumahata na te yahi be ai botolo te hin na te fapaisowa te ma'i. Coconut cream: we cook the coconut cream mixed with water until it is reduced (lit: recedes) and the ""grease" appears, then we scoop it out and put it in a bottle, and we can pour it out and use it to anoint (our bodies).hin di'o2comp.splash insideaba hininaunspec. comp. formcontainer for pouring liquidHige gonowana sai wain fwaufwau i hin ai wain aba hinina beyabeyana yai. It is not possible for anyone to pour wine into an old container.
hin di'o1splash inside
hin~afulenVtrpour it out, toAnelu bwa'ibwa'ina ya lau be ena po'ahu ya hin~afulen gabogabo yai, The first angel went and poured out his bowl into the sea.See also {fagoi~afuledi} "to pour them out."
hin~di'oVinsplash inside (to)Hige walolona na hwayahwayau ya towa, be gabogabo ya hin~diꞌo waga ganahewana, be waga egoba ya bulu.It wasn't long and the wind blew and the sea splashed inside so that the boat was about to sink.
hin~felenvd1filled for someone by pouring, to bena ganahewana yai mate ginauli heyaheyayadi yo bidabidadi ya laulau ginauli mate sa hin~felen.and inside it (the cup) they had poured for her, terrible (bad) and filthy things.2pour it full, to"Give something to someone by pouring it full."
hin~lawenVtrpour something into something (to)Ai muli, wa hin~lawedi botolo ganahewadi.Afterwards you pour them into the jars.
hin~lidiyenVtrpour it out (to)Sa finahe, Kokome ya-- edi kode ya fele lawen; tau wananaha kode wa ya hin lidiyen; kwaikwaitupo yo lugulugu moho sa be'u lidi. They climbed up (the bank) and Kokome he--, he gave him their small basket; then the real person poured it all out; but only little sticks and leaves fell out.