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heyaya hagahagana hige i toleCL1account of sins, not keep account ofYaubada edi heyaya hagahagana hige i tole,Yaubada [God] does not keep an account (tally) of their sins. (Impute or reckon).2not impute their sins3not reckon their sins{Heyaya hagahagana hige i tole} LIT not putting a tally or score on sins" so, "imputing, reckoning" I am not sure if {heyaya hagahagana} is the best way to say this, as I, Russ, am the one who used this term. 2020-06-30
heyaya~wananahaVinbe very badSaulo sa gana~fata'i'ili be hiyala ya heyaya~wananahaThey surrounded Saul, and then the fighting was very bad
heyayanaadjfeeling bad
-hiVtr > VtrsfxTR1fa'anihinafa'esegahinuwana ya patu~esegahipatu~esegahi, nuwana ya
HibulelenHibuleleDituna, Euyowa, Yamauli, Hibulele, Nola, Gouda, Tubawata, Lato, Lakatani. Iti mate tau sikulu baguna.Dituna, Euyowa, Yamauli, Hibulele, Nola, Gouda, Tubawata, Lato, Lakatani. They were in the first intake of students.Hibulele was one of the first group of students to attend Kwato Mission School at Siasiada after WW2 was finished. 9.7.1Name of a person
hidan1friend2brother (of male)3sister (of female){Hidagu} my companion, or friend, is also used as a word for a male's brother or a female's sister, or for other kinship relations such as one's spouse. See more extended entry for {hidagu}.
hidadanfriend, our.incl
hidadin1friend (their)2companion (there)Companion or friend of the same sex.3brother, theirYo fede haidana wa hidadi ena nuwatuhu sa lau~watan. And so his brothers followd through with their brother's plan.Same sex sibling, therefore a brother of males, or asister of females.4sister (their)
hidagu1n1friend (my)2companion (my)3sibling of same sex (my)4brother of male (my)5sister of female (my)6parallel cousin of same sex (my)7spouse (my) - as a term of endearment8adjoining9accompanying10sibling (of same sex)Yau hidagu hesa hesana Losema ini mate lafumaiha (= lafu-mwaiha) yai ya sibasiba-wananaha.But as for one of my brothers named Losema, he really understands capturing wild game.11parallel cousin (of same sex)12friend (either sex)Nogeya, ma'imo'imodi sa guli mulimuli mate, hidadi ibwau sa eno hafiti, yo fede malau pupuna.It was too bad! they all toppled over backward with the taro, and they startedled their friend the rat lying [underneath], so he went and broke wind.Ahena hige doha ai. Kumai, nuwana umi hidamiu, pa'ana ahena doha ahemiu."Its legs are not like us. Cat, maybe he is your companion, because his legs are like yours.Gonowana Yaubada sa faliba doha hidadi.They were able to talk with God, like their friend.13spouse (opposite sex)The primary meaning is "friend." The term is used by extension as a courtesy kinship term. E.g., for (B v S)of same sex as ego; By extension it is also used for MS(s v d) or FB (s v d) if same sex as ego. I.e., to parallel cousin, of same sex as ego.14Companion15accompanying, adjoiningUme'ehudi ni ibege la'i i ota'ota, hidana ai hewana, haba sa faibe'uidi.As for those stones there, not one will remain on top of its adjoining one, they will fall down on each other.hidagu2ph. v.n1spouse, my2husband, my3wife, my4friend, myUsed as a term of respect in addressing one's spouse.ov. synlahugu 1
hidamncompanion, your.sg
Hidamaincompanion, our
hidamnancompanion of yours, thatHidamna debana yai Keliso ya pe'i,On account of (LIT: at the forehead of) your afore-mentioned companion, Christ died.Double cross-referencing: second person and third person.
hidana1adjoining2his friend, companion, sister, wifeUme'ehudi ni ibege la'i i ota'ota, hidana ai hewana, haba sa faibe'uidi.As for those stones there, not one will remain on top of its adjoining one, they will fall down on each other.3brother, his
higeadvnotEna oyagi gafuna hige Buluhagalagala panena i atahiyen.When there is smoke from the fire, Buluhagalagala does not smell it.Buka ӥ bui, na usa ea ota-ԥsegahi. yo borowada ya wewe-ԥsegahi hinaga be hige ai paipaisoa,We translate the Book, but the rains have held on, and the floods have continued also, se we are not working.
hige agu logeNP1no successna hige agu loge.I can't succeed at itBaꞌisa, E anpate iꞌipa lofalofa, na in moho hige ama loge.Lord, we tried (all the) long night, but we didn't succeed.2no meaning3cannot do it4try but not succeed
hige alinanaNP1speechless (be)ov. synhige alinana 2hige somo alinana1 2hige somo alinana2hige somo alinana2hige somo alinana2hige somo ana alina 1hige somo ana alina 1hige somo ana alina 1hige somo ana alina 22no voice (to have)Haisa ganahewa yai, mate hige alinadi, pa'ana ai mate 'e wasabu.As for the others, inside [the boat], they were speechless because we were afraid.Amainiya na, E fawasabu-fuyoigu, na hige ali'alinagu.Then and there I frightened myself and was speechless.ov. synhige alinana 1hige somo alinana2hige somo ana alina 1
hige ana butiNPbarefooted
hige ana dandan yaiPPforeverYo Um taum yo yaluwam haba ya famwahuli~fuyoi ya lau ee--, Hige ana dandan yai. And your body and your spirit will live again continuing on until, time without any end.Literally: not its ending.
hige anadannwithout endbe Isalaela dodogadi ami foyafoyahidi hige anadan.and there will be no end to your leading the people of Israel
hige aniyona11meaningless2fruitless
hige aniyona2NP1fruitless2futile3unprofitableBena ami laoma, paisowa ai saguhimai. Lau gaibu hige aniyona.You should come and help us work. Going around aimlessly is a fruitless pursuit.
hige edi pa'a hesaNP1no valueyo hige edi pa'a hesa edi nuwatuhu lisidi yai?and they have no foundation/value/basis in regard to their thinking?2no basis
hige fahafudiNPno extraInmoho edi kelesin hige fahafudi ti abidisee {fahafudi} "extra"