Credits & acknowledgements

Participants in the Rapid Word Collection Workshop in 2014: Gwama group #2

RWC workshop participants: Nasralla Mustafa, Sadik Habte, Wandimu Zeleke, Giregna Tesfa, Yakob Ttawul, Bekama Jiregna, Sadik Ulan, Elias Sabi, Zariya Bashir, Somale Pogi, Mikael Siber, Abdualem Matahir, Uman Bashir, Ganale Shangela, Rimate Qintser, Mehamed Belekir and Kerse Miskin

Typists: Alemtsehay Lemessa and David Ford

Amharic help: Melese Miretu and Gashew Mola

Organizer: Anne-Christie Hellenthal

RWC workshop leader: Kevin Warfel

Editors: Asadik Habte, Bekama Jiregna, Nasralla Mustafa, Sadik Ulan, Giregna Tesfa, Sumale Pogi, Mengistu Mulat, Anne-Christie Hellenthal and Justin Goldberg

This dictionary has been made possible because of the partnership of the Benishangul-Gumuz National Regional State Education Bureau and Culture Bureau along with SIL Ethiopia. Funds for its printing were provided by the Norwegian Mission Society (NMS).[:am]

Credits & acknowledgements


Coordinator – (preferably a speaker of the language, but not obligatorily so) – organizes and oversees the workshop

Logistics Manager – responsible to arrange food, lodging, transportation, supplies, workshop location, and financial disbursements

Record-keeper – responsible for the administrative details during the workshop; must know how to use a spreadsheet on a computer

Glosser (2-3) – must be bilingual in the vernacular and the language in which the words will be glossed

Typist (2-4) – must be experienced in touch-typing; must be (or become) familiar with the keystroke sequences necessary for typing special characters (if applicable)

Team Leader (6) – must be bilingual in the vernacular and the language of the RWC Questionnaire being used

Language Expert (12-18) – must be fluent mother-tongue speakers of the vernacular

Scribe (6) – must be able to write legibly and fairly quickly in the vernacular; a good grasp of the vernacular orthography is a near necessity to avoid lots of corrections later in the process;