Word Category Abbreviations


Here is a list of all word category abbreviations in the dictionary, and what they mean:


adj adjective describes a noun
adv adverb describes a verb
con connector joins clauses, phrases or sentences
cop copula shows word is the same as another like an equal sign
dem demonstrative points to or shows which noun is talked about
exp expression an expressive word that is a sentence by itself
indef indefinite shows a noun has not yet been mentioned or is different than others of the noun than have already been mentioned
loc location shows the location of a verb in relation to a noun
n noun a person, animal, place, thing or idea plural noun a plural noun that has no singular form singular noun a singular noun that has no plural form
num number tells how many of a noun there are
part particle word that has a special use
prep preposition introduces a phrase that tells about a previous action
pron pronoun takes the place of a noun
pron.pos pronoun possessor a pronoun that owns or possesses a noun
pron.refl pronoun reflexive a pronoun that shows an object or noun introduced by a preposition is the same as the subject
quan quantity describes the amount of a noun
ques question word asks a question
v.appl verb applicative a transitive or intransitive verb that adds an object or a receiver intranstive verb a motion, state, or change that does not have an object transitive verb an action that can have an object
vn verbal noun a verb used as a noun