Credits & acknowledgements

There are a number of anthropological studies of Mamprusi culture, notably those by Susan Drucker Brown

When I started work in the area I was given a typewritten wordlist by the medical missionaries of the Baptist Medical Center at Nalerigu which was a help in getting started. There was also the work of
Swadesh, Arana and Drucker Brown which was a tour de force
– a Mampruli-Spanish-English dictionary compiled in three weeks!

The present corpus is almost entirely based on my own work, even where items are also mentioned in other sources.
Written resources include the published Bible materials (Genesis, Exodus 1-20, the New Testament – also locally published books and portions [Ruth, Judges 6-7, I Kings 19, extracts from Proverbs,
passages from Isaiah, Daniel, Jonah] and some unpublished and un-checked drafts of other Old Testament passages), Plissart's collection of proverbs (Plissart 1983 – revised towards a second edition by TN) and Readers for the Mampruli literacy graduates published by Mamprint, Gbeduuri, and GILLBT, Tamale, 1982-2001. Major contributors were R.T.Abudulai, Salifu Philip Jangdow, Salifu
Wundow and John Yakubu Takora.

This version represents a major stage on the development of the dictionary. In 2015 and 2016 I have devoted most of my time to pulling all the available materials together into a consistent full-featured database following the principles developed in my work from 2004 to 2014 on the Dagbani dictionary (which can be seen at :


Tony Naden