Credits & acknowledgements

The Yamba Language Committee is grateful for the original work done by Rev. N. S. Langwa, John Lanka, and Samuel Ngwin, who is presently the Fon of Mbem, (they worked with Terri Scruggs in 1979);  the Dictionary Sub-Committee, Mr. Robert Mangah, Rev. Paul Njeru and Pauline Adamu for revision; and the many people who contributed words and ideas.

Special thanks goes to Miss Ginny Bradley for working with the Yamba Language Committee and SIL to realize this edition.

Dr. Robert Hedinger of SIL provided the technical assistance and advice regarding compilation and formating via computer.

This is just a provisional edition. You are requested to send your suggested additions and corrections to the Dictionary Sub-Committee of the Yamba Language Committee.

NEBUP Abraham Nwizine

May 14, 2004