Fifty-six down; forty-four to go!

(March 2016) As of 1 March, fifty-six dictionaries are now available on SIL’s Webonary. Newly published are Burkina Faso Kusaal DictionaryDictionnaire Mbule and Dictionnaire Moore. This online resource gives minority language groups the ability to publish bilingual or multilingual dictionaries on the web with a minimum of technical help. SIL is aiming to publish 100 dictionaries on Webonary by 1 October 2016.IMG_20150601_112246

Rapid Word Collection (RWC) workshops are a significant method of helping speakers of ethnolinguistic languages to create their own dictionaries. The RWC method revolutionizes the task of collecting words by using a systematic method to capture these words in a workshop organized in the language community. RWC workshops consistently achieve a total of 12,000 or more raw entries during a brief two-week period.

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