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ou-Q > QpfxRDP{ou'ouli}
ou--linaadjgood looking (very)An alternative spelling is {oooulina}.
oulanpool in a riverYo fede, oula esega E laufi be ye galasi'i, pa'ana ye siba mate oulana ni, in walawalahisana.Then I went for one of the pools to dive with my goggles because I knew that in that pool there were prawns.ov. synbom, bombombwalubwalu 2ipuna 1pulu1pulu1A pool in a stream which remains after the water has dried up and is no longer flowing freely.
OulalapanOulalapaNa ena ani solina yai, Oulalapa i dagidagitili.And in the place where she was caught, Oulalapa was making a skirt.Oulalapa ena beda i pepei, hohofini lebedi yai, sa hatiyawe.Oulalapa threw her bunch of betelnut toward the women, and they called out.Female character in traditional story from Bolowai. Oulalapa is a shape changer, changing from {Youyou} "a snake" to a human.
oulananpool (its)Go to {oula} "pool."
'ouliQ1plenty2numbering3all of it
ouli1Vin1abundant (to be)2many (tobe)Be ena tau paisowa mate sa ouli, na ena kamela yo ena donki hinaga sa ouli.So his workers were many, and he also had plenty of camels and donkeys.Yaubada ma'i ya ginauli be ana paisowa ena ouli. God made the coconut so that it's functions (works) would be many.3plenty (to be)Na wapi dubaduba yo wapi kafukafu sa ouli wananaha.but black skins and whiteskins were very plentiful.4plenty of them (to be)5plentiful (to be)6plenty of it, to be
ouli2Q1numberHani'i --, kokome oulidi 50 ya fatamalidi. Whatchsmacallit -- she sent 50 kokomes.2plenty
ouli heyayaVinreally plentiful, to be
ouli~wananahaVinvery plentiful (to be)Dodoga sa fa'oigogoi mate ya ouli~wananaha be waga yai ya awa na ya ta'ai.Really a lot of people had gathered together so that he boarded a boat and sat (there).
oulina fisaWH-Qhow manyantfisa2 1fuyana somo 1fuyana somo 3maihala fisa1 3maihala fisa2maihala somo 3pa'ana somosafalumasai la'i 3sai1 1sidohana1 1siyasomo yai 1somo1 1somo2 1ov. synsai la'i 1sai2 1saluma2
ou'oulidiQ1plentyov. synboludi 1boludi 1boludi 1boludi 1boludi 1boludi 9fisa1 2mahudo'idi 5ou'oulidi 6peidi1 1peidi1 1peidi1 1peidi1 1peidi1 1peidi1 22many3numbered4plenty5manyborowada ya wewe fuia ouԯuli, yo gogoma laԩlaԩ yo asiebo.Many times it floods, and it is a big cold and there is sickness.6numbering (used with a specific number of items)Hesa ya laoma ai deli, be ya solu, be atai'a ou'oulidi saudoudo'i ya soludi.One [bird] came to the snare, and he caught it, and so he caught ten birds.Na paisowa ou'oulidi faligigi.But the jobs are five in number.antfisa2 1ov. synboludi 1ou'oulidi 1peidi1 1
ou'oulinaQ1all of them2number of themPapuwa Niugini yai te, mate eda atai'a nene hudohudo'i ou'oulina 700. ‎In Papua New Guinea our birds of various types are numbering 700.
oya1SU ofgana1garden
oya2SUoya3n1mountainYabahana 'e lau'ufi eee--, oya 'e finahe.we descended Yabahana, then we climbed the mountain.Sa ita'ita-fuyo, be Kwawilo Oyana sa ita, be sa lefa-boda eee--, sa ta'i'ili.They looked back, and saw Kwawilo Mountain, so they started paddling again and went around the point.2mountains3hill4gardenThis usage of {oya} for "mountain/garden" follows Suau. Buhutu people say {gabu} "garden/burn"oya tupinacomp.NPmountain peakbe ni'a adi ya lau yo'o oya tupina yai. and so he went searching for their wild game on the mountain top.oyadi tupidicomp.NP1mountaintops2peaks of mountainsBuhutu oyadi tupidi yai adi sa bebedula.They went pignetting in at the Buhutu Mountain peaks
oya3SU ofoya2mountain, garden
oyagin1treeAi tanohi ya anban na ai oyagi hewadi ya eno.It feeds on the ground and sleeps in top of trees.Sa fati'o, "Ma!" itebom, "Oyagi sa talaimiu e hige?" Ayawa, "Hige'e."They questioned us and said, Here now! Did the trees hit you or not." We said, "They didn't."1.5.1Tree2trees1.5.1Tree3woodOyagina mahudo'idi mate uli'uli afa'afa.As for all of it's wooden parts, they are completely [covered] with designs. miyamiya, na ena waihin ya lau ya uma, e oyagi ya dem, ...They stayed on together and when the woman went to plant, or to collect firewood, ... a fire5.5Fire6log or poleEdi pape'odi mate oyagi esega sa hewa,Their steps were a single pole which they erected.7fireNa walahisa wa ya pito. Mate oyagi yai ya alagabu.And the prawn jumped. Then I roasted it in the fire.Ena am wa galasi, na em oyagi wa yufi, na gafuna ya ita mate, haba ya lofo,When you obtain your catch by diving, and when you blow your fire and it sees the smoke, then it will fly.The primary meaning of "oyagi" seems to be "tree," by extension "wood," and by further extension it can stand for "fire" by a process of metonymy.5.5FireOyagi Atuwenaunspec. comp. formNPWorm WoodKipwalana mate, hesana "Oyagi Atuwena."The star is named "Worm Wood"
oyagi ala'alanaNPfire5.5Fire
oyagi 'ala'alanaNP1burning fire, itsbena oyagi ala'alana mate haba ai bwadagowa haba ya dem funuhi.Hd would put out the burning fire with the clay.'Wapina mate te oi papa be taulida sa kamna e lisilisida sa kamna mate ai oyagi ala'alana te ladai be ai tauda te fapatudima. We peel off the bark and when our bodies ache, or our ribs have pain then we heat it in a burning flame, and then we plaster it on our bodies.2hellCompare variant form: {oyagi ala'alasina}
oyagi ala'alasinaNP1burning wood2burning fire3fire, burning4hell fireCompare variant form: {oyagi ala'alana}