Publishing on Webonary

Data transfer using FLEx 9.1.24 and later
  1. Configure the dictionary in FLEx the way you want it to appear.
  2. With the Lexicon Area selected, on the menu, go to File, then Upload to Webonary... You'll see a dialogue appear:
  3. The Site name is part of the url for the Webonary dictionary. (Only type the part that comes after Username and Password are the credentials you use for signing into your Webonary account.
  4. From the Publication drop down box, choose which publication you want to publish.
  5. In the Configuration drop down box, choose whether you want root-based, stem-based or hybrid.
  6. Beside Reversals, check the ones you want to include.
  7. Then click Submit.
Error messages during the Upload process
Data transfer using WeSay

You will need to set up FLEx and transfer the data into FLEX. You can do that by either using Send/Receive to transfer your data into FLEx or import the WeSay LIFT file into FLEx. To use Send/Receive, please read the FLEx instructions in Help..Resources...Technical Notes for FieldWorks Send-Receive.