Dictionary Entries explained

The entry consists of a headword in blue type which serves as a link. Immediately following the headword is the part of speech, as in the example below: v.t. means transitive verb. Next, the definition of the headword is given as in the example below: Eng send; to direct. Following that is an example sentence in Muinane with the translation into Spanish. This may be followed by other verb forms.

áivójɨ́ɨ́vehi v.t Eng send; to direct; reignIíjɨ úújóho _áivójɨ́ɨ́véhinɨhi|_ tácúumico tajɨ́ɨ́baqui. Ayer recibí el poder para gobernar mi pueblo. (irreg. infl. áivójɨ́ɨ́vóobo (3sg.m); irreg. infl. áivójɨ́ɨ́vúuhi (pas.rem))

áivojɨ (der.) s Eng government; kingdom Spn se refiere a la autoridad

áivojɨgo (der.) f Eng captain; Queen Spn mujer que manda

áivojɨɨbo (der.) 1) m Eng Mr; Mr (pl. áivojɨto) 2) Eng captain; king; cacique; governor; President Spn hombre que manda

When there are two distinct definitions, they are numbered as in the example immediately above.