You can download the dictionary for use when you have no internet connection ...

PDF version.

Did you know that you can download other versions of Dr Anjum's Gojri Dictionary? For now, on his website you can access the PDF files of his Gojri-English dictionary and his Gojri-Kashmiri-English dictionary for use when you have no internet connection. Unfortunately, searching in Urdu script is not possible in PDFs. But you can search the Roman script transliterations. For that it often helps to include the open parenthesis e.g., "(pitaL".  You can also search for English words. Checkout these and other books at his library -->

Coming soon! An app for your Android and iPhone.


Unicode Fonts.

Not all fonts contain all the characters needed for Gojri. Specifically: / ݩ / and / ڵ / .  The following fonts will work in most applications. Unfortunately although the Awami Nastalique looks beautiful, it is not compatible with some applications.

Scheherazade New

Awami Nastaliq


But what about a specialized keyboard? Is there an easy way to access those specialized Gojri letters? YES! We will soon have a link for that as well.