The orthographic issues have been discussed by linguists, scholars, writers, language activists, etc. over the years. Orthographies have been created in the following scripts:

  • Perso-Arabic
  • Roman
  • Devanagari

Use of the Devanagari script is beyond the scope of the current volume.

Pronunciation & Transliteration Symbols






This dictionary is arranged alphabetically according to the following order.



آ ا ب بھ پ پھ‬ ت تھ‬ ٹ ٹھ‬ ث‬ ج جھ‬ چ چھ‬ ح‬ خ‬ د‬ دھ ڈ‬ ڈھ ذ‬ ر‬ ڑ‬ ز‬ ژ‬ س ش‬ ص‬ ض‬ ط‬ ظ‬ ع‬ غ‬ ف‬ ق‬ ک کھ‬ گ گھ‬ ل‬ ڵ م‬ ن‬ ݩ ں‬ و‬ ہ‬ ھ‬ ء‬ ی‬ ے