Padam Shree M.Y. Taing.

In some mythological representations, when I see men and women deities having scores of hands, I take it as a luxury of human imagination. But I have been encountering human beings in flesh and blood, albeit very rarely, who make me believe that they do possess more than a pair of hands, which ordinary mortals like myself have to be contented with. It is a figurative statement to describe their tremendous energy and achievements.

Dr. Rafiq Anjum belongs to this illustrious if somewhat illusive species. He is a physician by profession and equal to his task. He is a poet, a short story writer, a researcher of repute and a man of many parts. He is a linguist by intuition and the book under reference is an eloquent testimony of his prowess.

Gojri language, in spite of its folksy richness, has remained neglected for centuries. In recent times some institutions and individuals have been racing against time to set the records straight to the extent it is possible. Dr. Anjum's name emerges at the top of this effort. Institutions are vital for such purposes but sometimes individuals take the cake as institutions only reflect the quality of the individuals of which they comprise. Perhaps that is the reason that Noah Webster, John Plates or our very own Maulvi Feroz-ud-Din could produce dictionaries of such profundity and precision which no institution could accomplish or emulate.

The present work is associated with Gojri's linkages with Urdu, an important language of Asia especially the Indian subcontinent. The influence of Arabic and Persian is the manifestation of a shared history and social bonding. It is interesting that a part of this vocabulary is moulded by the genius of respective tongue in rather different ways. Anjum's book faithfully reflects the phenomena and shows the vibrancy of the languages which are alive and kicking. Dr. Rafiq Anjum is still a young man and he is sure to take us by surprises galore in future too.

Kh. Muhammad Yousaf Taing

(Ex. DG Culture J&K)

113 Wazarat Road


April 7, 2007