The editors wish to acknowledge the many people who served as consultants for the second edition of this dictionary. There were two major consultants, Juldatag Sajili, from Parang, Sulu, and Hashim B. Usman, also from Parang, Sulu. We would like to thank Mr. Sajili for the entries he contributed and Mr. Usman for grammatical information and a number of sample sentences.

In addition to them, the following people contributed valuable information (we list their names in alphabetical order and the municipality each originally comes from, all in Sulu province):

Mr. Juevito G. Abogaa Maimbung
Mrs. Myrna U. Abogaa Maimbung
Miss Asmah Asadil Tapul
Mrs. Salla Asadil Tapul
Mr. Abdulmalik Asid Indanan
Dr. Benjamin Bangahan Parang
Miss Mussah L. Dammang Parang
Mr. Monil S. Hadjiril Parang
Mr Kamli Illa
Mr. Muhajir Jaladi Tapul
Mr. Timothy S. Que Jolo
Mr. Edgar Y. Requejo Jolo
Dr. Paul L. Saliba
Mrs. Tayang Rose Saliba Tapul
Mrs. Jamharira Udjail Maimbung
Miss Rahma Udjaman Maimbung

Mr. Usman also consulted with a number of other people. Some of these were furnished to him by Professor Ricardo A. Adjawie, Western Mindanao State University (WMSU), who also gave Mr. Usman access to the University library. Special thanks is given to Prof. Adjawie for this help. The people connected with WMSU with whom Mr. Usman consulted were:

Mr. Abduraja I. Hamid Parang
Mr. Rizal Alias Parang
Mr. Julpatt Tagayan Parang
Mr. Alijan Gilo Luuk
Miss Salatun B. Alih Luuk
Mr. Saydul Maridul Indanan
Mr. Mannan Kadiri Parang

There were many other people who were consulted about one or another word, some of them several times. They are too numerous to mention here. We thank them, and trust that the satisfaction of having contributed to this book will be its own reward. Keyboarding for the second edition was done by Jenny (Pederson) Wichert, Nurhayam (Aming) Quisai, Ricardo Villavieja, Azucena Alih, Merlyn Alvarez, Timothy Que, Joanne Krueger, and Kathryn Mathis. Grateful acknowledgment is also given to the computer services department of the Summer Institute of Linguistics–Philippines for facilitating the editing process, in particular to Meriam Bayo, computer operator and Barbara Altork, typesetter.