Creating the Dictionary website

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Lexical Data
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    1. Upload the main dictionary and the reversal indexes from FLEx to Webonary. If your dictionary contains audio files and pictures, import them as well. If your dictionary is not yet in FLEx, you will need to import it into FLEx. If you need help with the conversion process, please contact us.

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    2. Add the necessary special characters to enable the Search function. See Special Characters.


Editing Pages

Follow this link for help on Editing Pages

  • Front Matter - Overview
      3. Introduction: Write about the people who speak the language and where it is spoken.

      4. Foreword (Optional): write about other versions of the dictionary, future plans about publishing, and so on.

      5. Copyright: Make sure the Copyright page is filled in appropriately, and the name of copyright holder and copyright date matches wherever these occur.

      6. Credits and Acknowledgments: Make sure all people who contributed to this publication are listed.

      7. Alphabet: List the entire alphabet for this language.

      8. Abbreviations: List all the abbreviations used in the dictionary.

      9. Entry Explained: Give a short explanation of what to expect in a typical entry.

      10. Download: Add links to Print-on-Demand service, downloadable pdf (Print), ePub (Tablets), Android App (Google Play Store) and other files you want to provide for users.

    Back Matter - Language
      11. Ethnologue: Make sure that the link to the Ethnologue opens to the correct language.

      12. Phonology (Optional): If something has been written about the Phonology of the language, either provide a link to it or paste a copy of the article on the Phonology page.

      13. Grammar (Optional): If something has been written about the Grammar of the language, either provide a link to it or paste a copy of the article on the Grammar page.

      14. Map (Optional): Provide a map of the language area on the Map page.

      15. Photographs (Optional): Provide 5-6 representative photographs-that you have permission to use-on the Photo page with captions and credits.

      16. Appendices: Any additional information can be provided on the Appendices page.

      17. Under Links, make sure that the first link is to and the last link is to SIL International ( You may provide links to as many local web sites as you would like.

      18. Make sure that the information under Help does not say anything that is not applicable to your site.
    Header and Footer
      19. Header and Footer: Make sure that all the information is correct.


  • 20. Send an email to [email protected] and request formal publication. Formal publication means that it will appear in the drop-down box on Webonary's front page and the link to your site will appear in the OLAC catalog. If it appears that your site is done according to specifications it may be published automatically.