Tausug - English



*gaꞌgaꞌvag mag-, -um-, mang-; goal -an.To speak harshly (to someone).Piyagꞌamahan siya sabab giyaꞌgaan niya in inaꞌ niya.He was scolded because he spoke harshly to his mother.Cf.*pahit*galit
gaan1nLightness (of weight, work, punishment, etc.).Magsusūng in gaan sin baran ku.The lightness of my body is increasing (i.e., my weight is decreasing).viST pat -um-.To become lighter, decrease (as of weight, volume of work, degree of punishment, sin, offenses).Gumaan in hinang mu bang lumugay.Your work will become lighter after a while.vtpat -un.To weigh (something light) in one’s hand.Gaana kunuꞌ in manga sulat ini.Please weigh these letters in your hand.adjmagaanLight, not heavy.Magaan in malita yan bang way luun niya.That suitcase is light if there’s nothing in it.ANT.buggat 1.12nWillingness, readiness, a feeling of ease and enthusiasm (to do something).Bang awn gaan sin baran mu kari kaw magtuy.If you have willingness (i.e., are willing), come right away.Timulak siya dayn gaan sin baran niya.He had a feeling of ease and enthusiasm when he left.vag mag-; ran -an.To feel at ease and ready (to do something).Bang aku gaanan ampa aku maghinang.When I feel at ease and ready I’ll do the work.3vrdp. pat -un.To disregard or take (something) for granted.Ayaw mu gaan-gaana in hinang mu.Don’t just take your job for granted.Cf.*pahil-pahil 1babaꞌ 2
gaban1vag -um-, mag-; goal -un; ran -an.To ascend, go up into a house (by a ladder or stairs); be visited at one’s house (even if no stairs are climbed).Gumaban aku pa bāy yaun.I’ll go up into that house.Marayꞌ kita gabanan tau.I expect we’ll be visited by someone/some people.OV SYN.sakat2vran -an.To receive (something).Marayꞌ aku gabanan sīn mataud.I expect to receive a lot of money.
gabbangnThe Tausug xylophone (consisting of a series of bamboo bars, played by being struck with a small wooden mallet).Marayaw in tingug sin gabbang yaun.That Tausug xylophone has a good sound.vag mag-, -um-.To play such an instrument.Maingat kaw maggabbang?Do you know how to play the Tausug xylophone?
gabukadjRotten, crumbling, turned to dust (as of wood eaten by termites).In gabuk kahuy maluhay mabaliꞌ.Rotten wood breaks easily.vST pat -um-, -un.To rot, crumble.Bang diꞌ lassunun in anay gabukun in kahuy yan.If we don’t poison the termites the wood will rot.Kahuy hadja in paggabukun.Wood is the only thing that is capable of rotting.Cf.haluꞌ 1
gabunnA cloud.Malindum in gabun adlaw ini.The clouds are dark today.adjmagabunCloudy.Magabun tuud adlaw ini.It’s very cloudy today.SYN.panganud
gaddungadjGreen (the color).Gaddung in biyadjuꞌ niya pa iskul.The color of her dress in going to school was green.Gaddung hilaw in walnaꞌ sin pidgiritul nila.The color of their refrigerator is light green.Gaddung malutuꞌ in walnaꞌ sin kakanaꞌ hīnang kurtina.The color of the cloth made into a curtain is dark green.Magaddung in kakanaꞌ ini dayn ha yadtu.This cloth is greener (i.e., a darker shade of green) than that one.vST pat -um-, mag-.To become green.Gumaddung na in halaman bang magtubuꞌ na in tiyanum.The yard will become green if the plants grow.
gadjanAn elephant.4: Animals, Non-flyingsuwaꞌ gadjacomp.adjPomelo.1: Birds and Flying Insects
gadja hilawnUnbleached muslin.GENR.kakanaꞌ
gadja-gadjanMumps.Maglamin in gadja-gadja.Mumps is a communicable disease.vST pat -un.To be infected with mumps.Inuma in ubat ini bang kaw gadja-gadjahun.Take this medicine if you get mumps.
gadjinWages, salary.Bang in tau maghinang subay awn gadji.A person who works should be given wages.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To give wages or salary; (for wages or salaries) to be paid.Maggadji na kāmuꞌ kunsūm.We will be given our salary tomorrow.Gadjihan in mastal ha bulan hambuuk.The teachers will be paid next month.
*gagavag mag-, -um-, mang-; ran -an.To exercise authority over, discipline, restrain, or control (someone).Gagahi in manga anak mu supaya diꞌ magkarupangan.Discipline your children so they won’t do any foolishness.adjmagagaCharacterized by having authority, discipline, control, restraint over others.Magaga in nakuraꞌ yan ha manga tindug niya.That leader has control over his followers.Cf.*biatpantunpinturuꞌ
gagatiꞌnPuffed rice coated with caramel which is fried and stuck into bricks.
gaggatnA hindrance or obstacle (to proceeding with a plan), something that weighs heavy on someone’s heart or mind that deters him (from pursuing a certain plan).In pagkālu nila nahinang gaggat sin panaw niya maghadjiꞌ.Their quarrel became a hindrance to her (plan of) going on a pilgrimage trip.
gahaꞌnRust.Nabuslut in mital sabab sin gahaꞌ.The can had a leak because of the rust.adj(Of iron or steel) rusty.Gahaꞌ na in lansang nakapaliꞌ kaniya.The nail that pricked him is already rusty.vST pat -um-, mag-, -un.To rust, become rusty.Bang diꞌ lanahan in makina gumahaꞌ.A sewing machine becomes rusty if not lubricated.
gaibadjPresumptuously, without any knowledge of, by one’s imagination (as in passing judgment).Ayaw kaw manghukum gaib ha hinang sin tau way irab mu.Don’t judge a person’s action presumptuously if you don’t have any knowledge of it.Cf.*tunaꞌ
gaidvar.gaydadvPurposely, intentionally (almost always followed by da).Gaid da walaꞌ mu piyasampay in tugun ku kaymu madtu kan inaꞌ.You purposely did not pass on my message to my mother.
*gakitadjgiyakitBanded with continuous winding with overlapping ends not joined together, particularly used of a style of bracelet.Malingkat in gallang mu giyakit.Your overlapping style bracelet is pretty.
*gakutvAR ag mag-; ran -an.To tie or fasten (something) securely.Gakuti in manga mital yan bat diꞌ mahulug dayn ha tarak.Fasten those cans securely so they won’t fall from the truck.Cf.*hukutbaggut
galak1nPulse.Humundung na in galak bang in tau patay na.The pulse will stop beating if a person is dead.vpat -un.To feel the pulse (of someone).Galakun ta kunuꞌ in babai piyunung ini.Let’s feel the pulse of this woman who fainted.Cf.kuba-kuba2nReadiness, decision.In galak ku pa Sūg aku kuꞌnisa.My decision is (i.e., I have decided) to go to Jolo the day after tomorrow.vag mag-, -um-; pat -un.To be ready (to do something), decide (to do something).OV SYN.gaan 2
galānaadjPurplish, red in color, fuchsia.Bīhi kita tanud galāna.Buy me purple thread.
galgalvag mag-.To give excuses (for not doing something).Ayaw na kaw maggalgal kaingatan namuꞌ da lisuan kaw.Don’t give excuses, we know you’re lazy.adjmagalgalFull of excuses.Cf.daawa
galiꞌnA score, a cut part way through (flesh).Malawm in galiꞌ sin istaꞌ ini.The score on this fish is deep.vAR ag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To score or cut (flesh) part way through (to make the muscles contract and stay firm in cooking. Often spices are put into the opening before cooking).Galii naa in istaꞌ ampa mu landang-landanga.Score the fish first before frying it.Cf.gūthuyaꞌutud
*galitvag mang-; goal -an.To speak loudly (at someone) in an angry manner, shout.Ayaw galiti in bataꞌ bat diꞌ mugaꞌ.Don’t shout at the child, you’ll frighten him.SYN.*pahitCf.*gaꞌgaꞌ
gallangnA bracelet.Bulawan in gallang dīhil kaniya pusakaꞌ sin inaꞌ niya.The bracelet which was given to her by her mother as inheritance is gold.vag mag-, -um-; ran -an.To wear a bracelet.Masūb in manga babai maggallang bang pa paglurukan.Women are fond of wearing bracelets when going to a party.