Tausug - English



*laꞌbitvag mag-, mang-, -um-; ran -an.To encircle one’s leg around (something).Hangkan da siya naligad sabab liyaꞌbitan mu.No wonder he fell, you encircled your leg around his.
*laꞌdusvact/pat -um-, mag-.To lose footing, slide, slip.Limaꞌdus siya sabab malandug in lantay.He slipped because the floor is slippery.Cf.landug
laꞌpungadjDizzy, groggy, not in one’s proper mind (as from intoxication or lack of sleep).vpat ma-.To become groggy.Malaꞌpung sa kān bang kaw minum mataud bīr.You’ll become groggy if you drink too much beer.OV SYN.hilu 1*bingug
*laꞌtugvag mang-, -um-; ran -an.To stare, gaze at (something in fear, etc.).Limaꞌtug in mata niya pagkitaꞌ niya sin lambung tau ha daig lawang.He stared when he saw the shadow of a man near the door.Cf.atudkitaꞌ 1*pandangilag1
laangadj(Of a current) flowing eastward.ANT.taub
laasnAge, maturity.Biyaꞌ diin na in laas sin amaꞌ mu?What is the age of your father like (i.e., how old is he)?adjmalaas(Of people, fruit) old, matured.Malaas na in tau ini saꞌ way akkal.This person is old already but foolish.vST pat -um-, mag-.(For people, fruit) to grow old, mature.Subay na lumaas in kapaya ampa natuꞌ kawaun.The papaya should mature first and then we’ll harvest it.Cf.maas 1laas sayngidiomnAn adult who acts like a child (lit. old banana).Way kapūsan sin tau laas sayng.An adult who acts like a child is useless.
lābnA rare kind of skin disease that appears in reddish form in some parts of the body, redness and burning sensation of the skin.8: Diseasesvpat ma-.To become red with a burning sensation (as from pepper or hot water), be burned.Nalāb in lima niya sin tubig mapasuꞌ.Her hand was burned by the hot water.Mataud tuud lara piyusaꞌ ku, hangkan sa nalāb in lima ku.I really crushed a lot of peppers, that’s why my hand is burned.Cf.*nganga
labaadjProfitable, gainful in business.Laba in pagdagang nila buwahan pa Sibu.Their sale of lanzones to Cebu was profitable.Cf.untung
*labadvtag mag-, -um-; pat hi-.To swing (something) back and forth, (for an animal) to wag (its ears or tail).Ayaw kaw maglabad sin kalis yan.Don’t swing that kris back and forth.Naglalabad in iruꞌ sin ikug.The dog is wagging its tail.
labayvag mag-, -um-; goal -un; ran -an.To go or pass by or through (a place), undergo or experience (something), let (something) pass or go by or through, (for time) to go by.Labay kamu dayn ha dān ini.Pass through this road.Labayun ku siya pa bāy nila.I’ll go by and see him at their house.Walaꞌ pa kami nakalabay gutum.We haven’t experienced famine yet.Limabay na in waktu sin pagꞌani.The season for harvesting (rice) went by.Diꞌ kami palabayun sin manga sundalu.The soldiers won’t let us go through.nlabayanRoad, route, passage, way or means of passing.Kitaa bang awn labayan sin tubig.See if there’s a way for the water to pass.nmaglalabayPassersby.Subay baytaan in maglalabay sin diꞌ na manjari lumabay dayn dī .We should tell the passersby that they can’t go through here anymore.Cf.hapit1timbay
labbannA box or container made of cardboard.Butangan ha labban in manga tamungun.Put your clothes in a cardboard box.Cf.pattibakag2
labbawadjMore than, over.Labbaw in lingkat niya dayn ha kaibanan.Her beauty is more than anybody else’s.Cf.labilampaw
labbiꞌadjHaving a protruding lower lip.Laung nila in babai labbiꞌ simuran.They say that a girl with a protruding lower lip is a talebearer.
labhaꞌnAn illness caused by evil spirits (esp. those dwelling in big trees, a brook or tampat [more severe than abat]).In labhaꞌ diꞌ kaubatan sin duktur.An illness caused by evil spirits cannot be treated by a doctor.vag mang-; ran ka-…-an.Does not occur with pa₂.To be afflicted with such an illness.Ayaw kaw maglabay ha tampat yan gana-gana kalabhaan kaw.Don’t go by that grave or you’ll be made sick by the evil spirits.OV SYN.abat 1
labiadjExtra, excess.nAn excess, a protruding or projecting part (of something).Awn labi sin paghūg niya sīn kākuꞌ.He gave me an excess of (i.e., too much) change.vact/pat mag-, -um-.To have an excess, extra, to overhang, extend beyond.Maglabi in kamisun dayn ha badjuꞌ niya.Her slip extends beyond her dress.vag magpa-; pat pa-…-un.To give extra of (something); give priority (to one thing or person over another), put (something) ahead of (something else).Di ku palabihun in pagpasiyal dayn sin hinang ku ha bāy.I don’t put pleasure walking ahead of work at the house.Diꞌ ku palabihun in sīn dayn ha kasipugan.I don’t put money ahead of shame.advMore, better, worse, to a greater degree.Labi marayaw bang siya makakari dumā magbichara kākuꞌ.It would be better if he could come and talk with me.adjballabi-labihanMore than enough, in excess, abundant.Ballabi-labihan in pagkaun nila.Their food is more than enough.Cf.balkalaꞌ-kalaan
labi awlaadvAll the (more), surpassing, especially, even more so.Labi awla marayaw bang mu aku karihilan sīn bihaun.It is all the better if you can give me the money now.Cf.lampaw
labitnThe dry protective material (in appearance like a burlap sacking) which grows at the base of coconut palm fronds sheathing the young frond and the blossom.Piyugung nila sin labit in manga wanni ha supaya hangkarayꞌ mahinug.They wrapped the mangoes with the sheath of the coconut frond and blossom so they would ripen quickly.niyug
lablab1vpat ma-.(For something) to be flaming.Nalablab sadja in bāy sin kāyu.The house was flaming with fire.SYN.suliyab2vpat ma-.To be full (with blood).Nalablab sin duguꞌ in lima niya.His hand is full of blood.
labtik1viact/pat -um-, mag-; ran -an.To flap (as of a spring, rubber, or the tongue).Kalabtikan kaw sin gūma yan.You will be flapped by that rubber band.vtag mag-; pat hi-.To slap the tongue against the roof of the mouth (so as to produce a sound).Cf.taklaꞌ2vag mag-; pat hi-.(With dilaꞌ) to utter (something) unintentionally or in an offhand manner, (for something to) slip out off the tongue.Unu in kiyalabtik sin dilaꞌ mu diꞌ mu na mabawiꞌ.What you have uttered unintentionally cannot be retrieved.labtik sin dilaꞌidiomnSomething uttered unintentionally or in an offhand manner, a slip of the tongue (lit. a flap of the tongue).In bissara yadtu labtik sadja sin dilaꞌ niya.Those words that he uttered were just a slip of the tongue.
labug-labugvact mag-, -um-.(For something) to bend back and forth (as a weakened or tired joint, a piece of bamboo or wood, or a limb of a tree).Bang ku tanamun maglabug-labug in manga siki lima ku yan.I feel as if my arms and legs are bending back and forth.Cf.*labad
labungnThickness, heaviness (of the hair, eyebrows, cereal grains).Mabayaꞌ aku biyaꞌ sin labung sin buhuk mu.I would like the thickness of my hair to be like yours.adjmalabungThick, heavy, blooming.Malabung na in pāy nila.Their rice is blooming.vST pat -um-.To become thicker, heavier; bloom.Diꞌ siya mabayaꞌ lumabung in kilay niya.She doesn’t want her eyebrows to become thicker.Cf.buskag
labutvag mag-, mang-, -um-; pat -un.To entertain or serve (someone, as a guest or a spirit).Labutun ta in manga bisita sin pagkaun masarap.We’ll serve the visitors with delicious food.nlalabutanThe food being served, food or an animal offered as a sacrifice to spirits.Spirits are believed to harm any member of a family when they are not placated.Masarap in lalabutan ha pagtiyaunan.The food served at the wedding was delicious.Adjala niyu na in lalabutan bat diꞌ mangabat in manga tungguꞌ.You prepare the sacrificial food for the spirits so they won’t harm you.Cf.*hulmat
ladjamuraꞌnCrown prince, heir apparent.Ladjamuraꞌ in makapagsultan bang mapatay in sultan.The crown prince will be the sultan when the sultan dies.
*ladjaw1vag mag-, mang-; pat -un.To drive away, keep off (as flies by waving a stick).Ladjawa in manuk.Drive away the chicken.nlaladjawA flyswatter, anything used to drive away or keep off flies, animals, chickens, etc.Cf.bugaw1 12vpat -un.To be deceived, tricked, seduced.Nakāꞌ kaw liyadjaw sin bissara makatunaw.You’ve been seduced by his compassionate words.Nakāꞌ kaw liyadjaw sin parang gadja hilaw, sin lāg apuꞌ dulaw, sin walnaꞌ sibukaw.sayingvYou’ve been deceived by its face value (lit. You’ve been taken by the swatter, by live bermuda grass, by a big piece of turmeric, by the color of the sibukaw tree).
ladju1nDistance or farness (reached by one’s eyesight or a projectile, as of a ball in playing golf).Awn hanggatus mitru in ladju sin kiyatiluan sin bula.The ball was thrown a distance of about 100 meters.vST pat -um-.(For distance) to become greater, (for something) to become farther.Lumadju in lupad sin manuk-manuk bang magpaagad ha hangin.The flight of a bird will become farther if it flies with the wind.Paladjuha in pagtiluꞌ mu sin batu.Make your throwing of the stone farther.adjmaladjuReaching a great distance, (having good eyesight as to be) able to see (something) at a great distance.Maladju in pangatud niya.He is able to see at a great distance.OV SYN.layuꞌ2vST pat -um-, mag-.(For one’s mind) to expand.In tau makapangadjiꞌ, lumadju in pikilan niya.The mind of a person who gets an education will expand.adjmaladju(With pamikil or pikilan) foresighted, insightful; (of the mind) expanded.In tau maladju in pikilan marayaw in kasūngan.A foresighted person has a bright future.