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GabataʼBiblical SourceGabataPrp.NGabbatha, placeManih pa ö pamëh, nee to pokaʼ neʼ pan, "a moeh vösvös", po to po Jiuʼ o ëhnan pamëh to teʼ va non manih Gabataʼ.Here at this place which they called like this (the stony place) in the language of the Jews that name is like this Gabbatha.
GadaraBiblical SourceGadaraPrp.NGadarenes, placeE Ieesuʼ to pahan pet en manuh pa pap tonon vëh pareʼ takin en pa muhin pa napan va Gadara.Jesus continued to go across to that other side of lake there and he went ashore at the bush (land) of the people of Gadarenes.
GaëusBiblical SourceGaiusPrp.NGaius, name...e Gaëus, pen Aristakus, a poa teʼ va Mësadoniaʼ to nönö vaköp vah me ne e Pöl,...Gaius and Aristarchus, two men from Macedonia who continually went around together with Paul,...
GalesiaʼBiblical SourceGalesiaPrp.NGalatia, placeEe to koe ee manih pa topnin a muhin va Frigiaʼ me Galesiaʼ,...They went through here the middle of the bush (country) of Phrygia and Galatia,...
GaliliʼBiblical SourceGaliliPrp.NGalilee, placeIvëhkëk, e Sunön to tavus hahah kov en peʼ po tatarep, pareʼ soe ke poan a ö neʼ se nö hah en manuh pa muhin va Galiliʼ.But the Lord appeared again to him in a dream, and he told him that he must go there to the bush (province) of Galilee.
GalioʼBiblical SourceGalioPrp.NGallio, nameO poen ne Galioʼ to teʼ non a teʼ sunön va pa muhin va Grik,...The day Gallio was an important person of the bush (country) of Greece,...
GamelielBiblical SourceGamalielPrp.NGamaliel, nameIvëhkëk, a paeh va pee, a to Parësiʼ a ëhnaneah Gameliel,...But, one of them, a Pharisee his name was Gamaliel,...
GasaʼBiblical SourceGasaPrp.NGaza, place“Vamatop ah, parën nö ke pa hanan to teʼ non pa papmatö pa hanan to vakëh ke non a vöön Jerusalëm, pareʼ kunah non vöön Gasaʼ.”"You(s) get ready and you(s) go south to the road leaving the village (town) of Jerusalem and it goes down to the village (town) of Gaza."
GebriëlBiblical SourceGebrielPrp.NGabriel, name“Eöʼ e Gebriël, to sun noʼ sih pa matan e Sosoenën.I am Gabriel, who always stands in the eyes (presence) of God.
GerarPrp.NGerar ; place
GerasaʼBiblical SourceGerasaPrp.NGerasene, placeVasuksuk nee to tok po paröʼ, pare tavus pa muhin va Gerasaʼ.Afterwards they got on the boat, and they arrived at the area of Gerasene.
GersonPrp.NGershon, nameKa teʼ a vamomoaan ivëh e Gerson, ka vapöök ivëh Kohët, ka vakön ivëh e Mërari.
GënesaretBiblical SourceGenesaretPrp.NGennesaret, place...pare takin ee pa ö muhin va Gënesaret....and they went ashore in the part bush (district) of Gennesaret.
GërsomPrp.NGershom ; nameE Siporaʼ to vahuh a pah koaʼ oeteʼ ke Mosës vëhnan en peʼ e Gërsom, pareʼ soe pan, “Eö, a teʼ aun to teʼ nöʼ manih po oeh vëh. Ivëh köʼ se vëhnan eoʼ peʼ e Gërsom.”Zipporah gave birth to Moses a son, and Moses said to himself, “I am a man from another land. So I will name him Gershom.
GëtPrp.NGad, name... ko meoh 12,000 po vuteʼ pe Gët....and another 12,000 from the clan of Gad.
GëtherPrp.NGether ; name
GëtsëmaniʼBiblical SourceGetsemaniPrp.NGethsemane, placeE Ieesuʼ to nö vaʼpeh me ra ma vamomhë peʼ pa ö muhin va Gëtsëmaniʼ.Jesus went together with all his disciples to the part of bush of Gethsemane.
GideonBiblical SourceGideonPrp.NGideon, nameEöʼ to hikta teʼ me noʼ ta tëëm, nöʼ se vahutët suk pet noʼ na a ma teʼ varih to vaman voh ne e Sosoenën, e Gideon,...I will not also continue telling about all these people who had believed in God, Gideon,...
GihonPrp.NGihon, nameKo vapöök ku ruen nee to pokaʼ ne a Gihon, a ruen pamëh to koe ke non pa muhin va Kus.And the second river which they nameed Gihon, this river flows to the country of Cush.
GiliëtPrp.NGilead, nameA ma susun pa ma vutom taman manih po vute’ pe Giliët, e sunaiʼ e Makir me e supnai’ pe Manëse’ sunai’ e Josëp, to nö manuh pe Mosës me a ma meh te’ sunön.
GirgasPrp.NGirgashites ; name
gitaʼEnglishgitanguitarEʼ to vatoe e non pa ma tah varih, no toʼtoʼ to hikta teʼ non pee, a gitaʼ me o piu to tatanih ne.It is the same as these things which have no life in them, the quitar and bamboo flute are ringing.
GogBiblical SourceGokPrp.NGog, place...o vuteʼ va pe Gog, me Megok....the clan of Gog and Magog.
golEnglishgolngoldEe to heʼ poë a gol me o tah a voavuh vih me o vanom a voavuh vih vëh o voen vapeah.They gave him gold and things with good smell and oil with good smell which is very expensive.
GomerPrp.NGomer ; name

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