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LaëkoniaʼBiblical SourceLikoniaPrp.NLycaoniaE Pöl pen e Banabas to nat in a tah pamëh, ko rusin ee manuh vöön va Listraʼ, me Derbe koman a muhin Laëkoniaʼ, me a ma meh vöön to teʼ vatët ne pa poa vöön poë varih.Paul and Barnabas knew this thing and ran away there to the village of Lystra and Derbe inside the bush (country) of Lyconia and some other villages which stayed near these two villages.
laëonEnglishlaionnlionEöm se teʼ vamatop nem, paröm ut vavih nem! Suk ataeah, e susun po oraʼ hat e tövakihat peöm. Eʼ to teʼ va non manih pa laëon to kararauʼ no maʼ, ko nönö tamoaan vah non to vavaiu non ta ma teʼ neʼ se ëën.You(p) should be ready, and you(p) watch good! Why because, the boss of the bad spirits (devil) is your(p) enemy. He is like a lion growling, and he is always going around looking for some people whom he can eat.
LamëkPrp.NLamech, name
landroBiblical Sourcelandronshade tree (a)O naon vëh o mastat to matan va non manih po vu landro.This mustard tree looks like a shade tree.
LaodisiaʼBiblical SourceLaodisiaPrp.NLaodicea, placeEöʼ to kehkeh soe vanat a noʼ nös neöm pan, e Ëpafras to kon a tasun peöm, me ro kum teʼ varih to vaman ne Ieesuʼ manih pa vöön va Laodisiaʼ, me manih pa teʼ vöön va Hierapolis, pa ö neʼ to kiu vëhvaʼ non pa vaʼaus a neoʼ.I am wanting to clearly tell you(p) that, Epaphras took your(p) postion as well as that of these groups of people who believe in Jesus in the village of Laodicea and in the village of Hierapolis in that he worked hard to help me.
LasarusBiblical SourceLasarusPrp.NLazarusKa manih po sinten hopaʼ in a iuun peʼ, a pah teʼ arus rakah to koroh non, a ''ehnaneah e Lasarus.And here alongside the door of his house, one very poor man was sleeping, his name is Lazarus.
LasaʼPrp.NLasha, place
LaseaʼBiblical SourceLaseaPrp.NLasea, placeEmöm to vos em pa ö nee to pokaʼ ne a Ö Totomin Vih Oho Po Paröʼ. Eʼ hikta teʼ varo këh non a vöön Laseaʼ.We(excl) arrived at a place they called The Good Quiet Place where Ships Continually Enter (Safe Harbours). It is not far away from the village of Lasea.
LatinEnglishLatinPrp.NLatin...o soe vanat pamëh nee to kiun voh po kukön to, o Hibru, me o Latin, me o Grik....this informing talk which they had written in three languages, Hebrew, and Latin, and Greek.
LeaPrp.NLeah, name
LemëkBiblical SourceLamekPrp.NLamech, Noaʼ e koaʼ pe Lemëk,...and Noah was the child (son) of Lamech,
lepatEnglishlepatnleopardA tah poa pamëh nöʼ to ep in to matan va non manih pa pusiʼ apuh nee to pokaʼ a lepat,...That wild thing (beast) I saw looked like a big cat which they call a leopard,...
LevitikasBiblical SourceLevitikasPrp.NLeviticusEp maʼ e buk ivëh, a ëhnaneah Levitikas.See this book. it's name is Leviticus.
lëtaʼEnglishletanletter (of alphabet, letter to post)Pokaʼ a ëhnan e lëtaʼ vëh.Say the name of this letter.
LibertinBiblical SourceLibertinesPrp.NLibertinesEe to teʼ hop ne po iuun hinhin soneʼ po Jiuʼ, a ëhnëëro to teʼ hop ne po vakum pamëh, o Libertin.They stayed inside (were members of) the small Jewish prayer house (synagogue), the name of these people who stayed inside (were members of) that group was Libertines.
LibëbPrp.NLebab, name
LibiaʼBiblical SourceLibiaPrp.NLibyaManih Frigiaʼ, me Pamfiliaʼ, me manih Isip, me manih pa ö va Libia to vatët non Saëriniʼ,..In Phrygia and Pamphylia, and here in Egypt and here in the province of Libya near Cyrene,...
LibnaʼPrp.NLibnah, placeEe to këh a Rimon Peres ko u’uu tanu ee Libnaʼ.
LibniPrp.NLibni, nameE Gerson e’ to teʼ me non a poa koaʼ oeteʼ, e Libni pen Simaiʼ. Pare va sipun voh a ma vuteʼ peo.
LidaʼBiblical SourceLidaPrp.NLyddaKa ma napan varih to teʼ ne vöön Lidaʼ, me po hëhë tahiʼ topnin Jopaʼ, me Sisariaʼ ep in poë to vih hah en ko panih, pare pah vaman vörep ee pe Sunön.And the people here who lived in the village of Lydda and the sea shores between Joppa and Samaria saw that he was well again and they turned (repented) and they really believed the Lord.
LidiaʼBiblical SourceLidiaPrp.NLydiaA paeh va pee a ëhnaneah e Lidiaʼ, to pënton non a soe pemöm, eʼ va Taëataëraʼ. E köövo pamëh to vavoen non sih a ma rara mamatan vavih vörep.One of them whose name was Lydia heard our talk, she was from Thyatira. That woman sold again (bought and sold) cloth which looked very beautiful.
LihëbPrp.NLehab, nameE Isip eʼ e sipuiira napan va Lidiaʼ, me Anam, me Lihëb, me Naptuh,Egypt is the ancester of the people of Lydia, and Anam, and Lehab, and Naphtuh.
LinusBiblical SourceLinusPrp.NLinusE Eupulus, ke Putens, ke Linus, me Klödiaʼ, to vanö nös a potan avih pee manih pën.Eubulus, and Pudens, and Linus, and Claudia, will send his greetings to you(s).
LisabetBiblical SourceElisabetPrp.NElizabethE Sëkaraëaʼ pen e Lisabet to manot varo rakah voh ee.Zechariah and Elizabeth were very old indeed.
LisaniasBiblical SourceLisaniasPrp.NLysaniasKe kea peʼ e Filip to teʼ non a teʼ susun to matop non a muhin va Ituriaʼ me Trakonitis, ke Lisanias to teʼ non a teʼ susun to matop non a muhin va Abilene.And his brother Philip was the boss person (governor) who looked after (ruled) the province of Iturea and Trachonitis and Lysanias was the boss person (governor) and looked after (ruled) the province of Abilene.

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