Vasui - English



ka1npassion, temperKa pe teʼ vëh rës apuh.The temper of this man is very big.2prepat, because of, for, toIvëh, ka nat ee pee to hikta vaman vakis voh ne e Sosoenën,...Therefore, then we(incl) know that they had not firmly believed God,...3conj.n.mrkr ; ; conj.prn ; ; io.mrkrand n.mrkr, and the, then n.mrkr, then the, and we (incl), then we (incl), ?
KaëfasBiblical SourceKaiafasPrp.NCaiaphasManih po poen pamëh no teʼ susunön ësës heʼ, me o teʼ apaʼpuh po Jiuʼ to tönun manih pa iuun pe Teʼ Susun po Teʼ Ësës Heʼ, a ëhnaneah e Kaëfas.On this day the Jewish chief priests and the important people (elders) of the Jews had come together in the High Priest's house, his name was Caiaphas.
kaënEnglishkainnkindA iuun ivëh, eʼ a mëh kaën iuun.This house, it is another kind of house.
KaënanBiblical Kaënan e koaʼ pe Apaksat,......and Cainan was the child (son) of Arphaxad,...
kaënkaënadjdifferentA ma kaënkaën teʼ to teʼ ne Buka.Different kinds of people are living in Buka.
kahvallow (to), collect (to), get a piece of burning wood (to), leave him alone (to), let (to)Antoen e nom pa kah kaneoʼ ta ö suraʼ ah?Can you get me a piece of burning firewood?
kahoʼbdpt.nheadEe to teʼ ee maʼ po kahoʼ pe Jon to pet non pa peret, pare heʼ ee pe koaʼ sepeʼ pamëh, keʼ teʼ, ko heʼ en pe sinaneah.They brought the head of John which was layed on a plate, and they gave it to that female child (girl), and she took it and she gave it to her mother.
kaisvperform ritual for rain (to)E voe teʼ rakah ivëh to kais pa uhön.The man here is a man who performs rituals for rain.
kakvpointed (to be), puncture (to) (when a stick punctures your foot)A tanaon to kak a neoʼ.The stick punctured me.
kaka1vdefend (to), scold (to)E voe to kaka vatëh e non.The man is always scolding.2advfierce, intense, severeE kuʼ kaka peöʼ to ro en.My fierce pig is lost.
kakakni1vsharp, to beA rapis to kakakni vörep.The knife is very sharp.2adjsharpE voe to moes a koreneah po rapis to paraʼ kakakni.The man cut his hand with the knife that is very sharp.
kakamisvhurt (to continually)[hurting], suffer (to continually)[suffering]A kakamis to öt e voe.The man is hurting.
kakapvopen (to continually)[opening]Ee to kökök a ma voaʼ kon, pare kakap, ko ëën ee.They were breaking some corn seeds and opening it they ate them.
kakararaoʼvgrowl (to)E këh to kakararaoʼ.The dog is growling.
kakarasvgrassy (to be)A ö no a napan se ihoʼ to parin a kakaras vörep.Here the part where the people shall sit down the grass grew very profusely.
kakarauhvlazy (to be continually)A ma poen kurus nöm se nat nem kakarauh nem,...Every day you(p) must not be lazy,...
kakarennant (small black/green)A kakaren to kot e koaʼ soneʼ.The small black ant bit the small child.
kakarëhadjrough long taateʼ teʼ me o uvin kakarëh, to ep vapoet e non manih pa teʼ oeteʼ teaching us(incl) the custom of living with rough long hair, which looks shameful with a male person.
kakaro1vscratch (to)E pusiʼ to kakaro e koaʼ.The cat scratched the child.2nclawE këh to een o oeh pa kakaro koreneah.The dog is digging the ground with the claw of his hand.
kakasireadjyellowA voe to voen o rara kakasire vëh po tönim kinaʼ.The man bought the yellow cloth here for five kina.
kakatöʼnbananas (long slender ones from Samoa)O kakatöʼ peöʼ ko vuvui en.My long slender bananas are ripening.
kakauEnglishkakaoncocoa... me o kakau to hikta antoen non a vaveoh ...... and the cocoa (tree) cannot grow new shoots ...
kakaunvdecorate (to continually)[decorating], cicatrize (to continually)[cicatrizing], draw (to continually)[drawing], print (to continually)[printing)E voe manot to nok a kakaun in a upeʼ pe sunaiʼeah.The old man is drawing a picture on his sons ceremonial hat.
kakauʼnfrog (edible)A kakauʼ to rusin en.The frog ran away.
kakaveovpinch (to continually)[pinching], rob (to continually)[robbing], steal (to continually)[stealing]Eʼ to kakaveo a tah peoʼ.He kept stealing my things.