Vasui - English



pLOC, OBJ, POSS, PREP, PROM, PUR, REL, TM, as, at, because, by means of, from, thatSeon se nö maʼ pa tarak.John will come with the tractor.
paEnglishba1vshine (to)A potan to pa en.The sun is shining.2infto...a poa tah to vapusun ne pa arus moniʼ pa teʼ....the two things which cause a person to lose money.3nballE koaʼ to pah kik sivak en pa pa.The child indeed kicked the ball very hard.4conjand, because, to, withIvaʼih o vahutët va pa kën sipun e Ieesuʼ Kristo.Here is the story of the ancestors of Jesus Christ.5obj.n.mrkr ; obj.n.mrkr.p ; ; ; obj.mrkr.inf ; poss.mrkr.n.mrkr ; poss.mrkr.n.mrkr.p ; ; ; prep.n.mrkr ; prep.n.mrkr.p ; ; ; prom.mrkr.n.mrkr ; prom.mrkr.n.mrkr.p ; ; ; conj ; accm ; infOBJ INF, OBJ NM, OBJ NM(PL), OBJ the, OBJ the(PL), POSS NM, POSS NM(PL), POSS the, POSS the(PL), PREP NM, PREP NM(PL), PREP the, PREP the(PL), PROM NM, PROM NM(PL), PROM the, PROM the(PL)6adjyellowE masinë se ep hah a teʼ pamëh. Ko piʼ se keh tavus vaʼpuh ee, e masinë se nat en pan, a teʼ vëh to hikta teʼ voon non, ivëh keʼ hikta ep a ma uvin pa. Should the priest see again that person. And if the sore should appear big, the priest will know like this, this person is not clean, so then he will not see all the yellow hair.
paehdial. var. ofpaeoh
paeohdial. var.paehnumoneAhik, o ohop pamëh nee to nok voh po paeoh o rara.No, that cloth which they had made with one cloth.
PaëlatBiblical SourcePailatPrp.NPilateEe to nohnoh poë, pare me ee peʼ, ko heʼ ee peʼ manuh pe susun pa kaman, vëh e Paëlat.They tied him, and they took him and gave him to the boss man of the government of Rome in the bush (province) of Judea, Pilate is this one.
PafosBiblical SourcePafosPrp.NPaphosEe to vatvi vahik ee pa to Saëprus, pare vos ee vöön Pafos.They completely went around the island of Cyprus and they arrived at the village of Paphos.
pah1numoneA pah köövo muriaknan se kiuk, pareʼ kon a pah koaʼ oeteʼ.One young woman who has not yet had intercourse (virgin) will become pregnant, and she will get (give birth to) a male child.2advindeed, only that, really, same, veryEöʼ to pah maë rakah eoʼ.I am very hungry indeed.3vmustEöʼ se pah nö rakah eoʼ Buka sinup.I must indeed go to Buka tomorrow.4detereachA ma pah se nö Buka.Each one will go to Buka.
pahan1vgo across (to)Eën kës se pahan eom pa ruen.Perhaps you(s) will go across the water.2advacrossE voe se nö pahan na.The man will go across there.
pahpahadjfew (a small number)A ma pahpah teʼ ro se nö pa motoka.Only a few people will go by car.
painapEnglishpainapnpineappleMaʼ ta painap köʼ ëën.Bring the pineapple and lets eat.
pairotnpilotA soaʼpi to sunpip rakah en pe pairot va po parus.The fog indeed blocks the pilot of the airplane.
pais1vbitter (to be), salty (to be), strong (to be)O vurus to pais.The tobacco is bitter.2adjbitter, salty, strongE kuma pais hikta to ninin vih.The salty kaukau do not taste good.
pakBiblical Sourcebak1vtired (to be)Eöʼ to pak eoʼ.I am tired.2npackage (a), page (a), pocketOhop pën teʼ me non po pak.Your clothes have pockets.
paketEnglishbaketnbucketA paket a tah isisu ruen.This bucket is for getting water.
paknannwingO paknan a kavo to takök.The wing of the cockatoo is broken.
paknaneahinal.bdpt.nwing (her), wing (his), wing (it's)A ma poen peo neöʼ to iu ununun noʼ sih a ma koaʼ pën, vamanih pa ö ne toaʼ sin to ununun va non sih a ma soneʼ peʼ manih pa paan a paknaneah. Ivëhkëk, eöm to hikta iu nem.All the time I always continually want to help your people, such as the way that the female chicken (hen) gathers like that her little ones (chicks) here under her wings, but you(p) rejected me.
paknëëreinal.bdpt.nwing (their)Ka poa paknëëre vaʼnaʼtöön ne a ö nee to tatapui ne o eraʼ po vönaʼ va pa vahik a ma hat pa napan.And their two wings stretched over the place where they did the ceremonial washing with the blood of animals for finishing the sins of the people.
pakoʼnclub, spear for killing manE voe to ip e koaʼ pa pakoʼ.The man hit the child with the club.
pakuhnknot (a)Pakuh vakis hah o uris vëh.The knot is hard in this rope.
pakumadjfat (person)E voe pakum vörep.The man is very fat.
PalestaënBiblical SourcePalestinePrp.NPalestinePalestaën a ëhnan a muhinPalestine is the name of a country.
PaltiëlPrp.NPaltiel, nameKa manih po vute’ pe Isakar ne’ to vate’ en pe Paltiël, veh e koa’ oete’ pe Asan.
pamEnglishpam1vpump (to)Ea se pam a vu naon keʼ rak.We(incl) will pump the group of trees then it will dry.2nair pump (an)A pam pe teʼ vëh.Whose pump is this here?
PamenasBiblical SourceParmenasPrp.NParmenasEe to vateʼ me e Filip, ke Prökoras, ke Nikenor, ke Timon, ke Pamenas, me e Nikolas.They also elected Philip, and Prochorus, and Nicanor, and Timon, and Parmenas, and Nicolas.
pamëhdemthat, these, thisA teʼ pamëh to vahoʼ a ö putoʼ manih pa mataneoʼ.That person put a piece of mud on my eyes.