Vasui - English



vaadv ; caus ; comp ; ivzr ; poss ; recip ; trvzrCAUS, from, IVZR, like, like this, like that, of, POSS, RECIP, TRVZR, ?A teʼ va Niugini.The man from New Guinea.
vaehvstrengthen (to)Ka matop peʼ se teʼ vaeh vah va non nih?Then how will their group be able to stay strong.
vaehevstop (to)E Jeosëp to vaehe non o vapus pa poa manot.Joseph stopped the married couples fight.
vaehehvargue (to)...pareʼ vaeheh me e non pa napan pan ee se vaman e Ieesuʼ me a Matop Vih pe Sosoenën....and he argued with the people that they must believe in Jesus the Kingdom of God.
vaen1vmarry (to)E Pitaʼ to vaen en me a köövo va Niugini.Peter married a women from New Guinea.2nmarriageA vaen pe poa manot to vih.The marriage of the married couple is good.
vaeö1vcelebrate (to), excited (to be), fortunate (to be), happy (to be)Ko poen nee to ep in a ö no a vesun to teʼ totoopin e non nën, ee to puh rakah ee po vaeö.And the day (time) when they saw that the star halted directly there, they were filled indeed with joy.2nhappiness, joyAhikta meh tah se heʼ a neoʼ o vaeö to apuh oah non a ö nöʼ to nat o teʼ varih to teʼ va ne pa ma koaʼ peöʼ, to vavatet ne a soe man.No other thing will give me a greater happiness than when I know that these people who are like my children, are following the true talk (truth).3adjhappyO köövo vaeö to ihoʼ manuh iuun.The happy woman sits there in the house.
vaepvmake to look (to)Me a ohop a ma ohop ep vavih varih nöm to ohop nem to vaep vamanin a no neöm.And wear these good looking clothes which you(p) are wearing to make you(p) look attractive.
vaepepvlook around (to continually)[looking around]Ivëh, ke eöʼ vavaveo vaeh rakah e noʼ, ko hikta vaepep ke vah noʼ, eöʼ he tuktuk e noʼ.Therefore, then I am running very strong, and I am not looking around, and I am punching well.
vaerenhillKo vasun kuʼ poë varih vavaveo kunah ee pa ö vaere, ko susurap ee na pa tonun, pare vuk, ko mët vahik ee.And these group (herd) of pigs here ran down the hill, and they jumped in the lake and they drowned and they died finished.
vaereraʼvbleed (to)A mon pe koaʼ to vaereraʼ en.The child's leg is bleeding.
vaesvpatient (to be)Teʼ vaes nem, paröm koe a naöp, eöʼ akuk kuru.You(p) stay patient, and you(p) refuse to be afraid. It is just only me.
vaeeovshow off (to)(clothes)E köövo to vaeeo nö non maʼ me ohop voon.The woman shows of new clothes.
vaëhvcause (to) taateʼ vaëh kiiki manih po vuteʼ,...A napan to nonok ne a ma taateʼ poë varih, ee to hikta antoen ne a teʼ manih koman a Matop Vih pe Sosoenën....and the custom of causing divisions among the clan,...People doing those customs, they are not able to be here inside the Good Reign of God (Kingdom of God).
vaëhëh1vsing (to)...ivëhkëk o meoh upöm to hikta vaëhëh ne...but others (children) do not sing.2nhymn, music, songEʼ to pënton non po vaëhëh.He listens to music.
vaëmanvshine, toEe to teʼ ne pa ö to parin popoen, ivëhkëk o maaka se vaëman en pee.They stayed (lived) in the part (place) which is very dark, but the light will shine on them.
vaënëën1veat together (to continually)[eating together]Ee to vaënëën vahik ee, ke Ieesuʼ nok pet va en nën manih pa kap voaën neʼ to kon,...They finished eating and Jesus got the cup of wine,2ndinner...a teʼ vëh to vaoe maʼ poan po vaënëën pamëh....this person who invited him to this dinner.
vaënpan1vwarn (to)...a soe vaënpan pe Sosoenën to teʼ e non,......God's warning talk remains...2advwarninglyEöʼ to sosoe vaënpan ro a noʼ neöm,I am just talking warningly (warning) you(p),3adjwarningA ma soe peöʼ e a ma soe vaënpan.My words are words of warning.
vaëovsalute (to)Vaëo i na teʼ apuh peöm.Salute our big man (chief).
vaësvbuild a fire (to), ignite (to), light (to)Vaës a suraʼ ka tao e kuʼ.Light the fire and we will steam the pig in the ground.
vaësean1vfunny (to be)E voe ivëh to vaësean.This man is funny.2adjfunnyE këh vaësean to teʼ manuh iuun.This funny dog is in the house.
vaësësvsear (to continually)[searing]O koaʼ mon to vaësës koreneah pa tah sura ororan.The girls are searing their hands with a red hot piece of wood.
vaëënveat together (to continually)[eating together] se nö maʼ pare ihoʼ ko vaëën me Abraham ke Aësak, ke Jekop, manih pa koman a Matop Vih va pa Vöön va Kin....they will come and sit down and eat together with Abraham and Isaac, and Jacob, here in the Good Reign Of Heaven (Kingdom Of Heaven).
vahadvaimlessly, all over the place, go around, go here and thereA kaʼ to iu vah i non ta taëën.The lorikeet likes to go here and there for food.
vahahvfight back (to), free again (to be), release (to), return (to) a ma teʼ ankeroʼ peʼ vapus vahah me ee pee....and all his angels fought back with them.E voe to vahah a taktak.The man released the small bird.
vahahahvreturn (to continually)[returning]A teʼ to taneo pa pënton ko vatet a neoʼ, ivëhkëk, eʼ to vahahah non pa ma taateʼ hat moaan voh peʼ, eʼ a teʼ pamëh to hikta onöt non a ho pa koman a Matop Vih pe Sosoenën.A person who starts to listen and follows me but he keeps returning to all his/her old bad way of life, he that person is not able to enter into the Good Reign of God (Kingdom of God).