Vasui - English



on.mrkr ; n.mrkr.p ; art ; art.p ; prn.sbj ; vNM, NM (p) ,the, the (p), a, we (incl) sbj, drift, ?O kupu pee to meʼ maaka in ta tah.Their hearts might understand a thing.
oah1vcontinue (to), go past (to), omit (to), pass by (to), take over (to)Emöm se oah em pa Rauaʼ ruen.We(excl) will go past the Rawa water (river).2nlungE oah peöʼ to kamis.My lung hurts.3obj.prnyou(s)Paröm teʼ nem nën, keʼ antoen rakah non a ö nöʼ se soe vanat hah oah a ö nën se hah maʼ.And you(p) must stay there untill I inform you(s) again to come back.4advbetter, continue, completely, faster, greater, more, overA poa vamomhë poë varih to vavaveo nö ne, ka meh vamomhë vavaveo oah e Pitaʼ...These two disciples were running, the other disciple was running faster then Peter...
oahanvgasp (to) (for breath)Eöʼ se keh ëp ma pa tope eöʼ to oahan en.If I should go up the mountain I will gasp for breath.
oahaneahvgasping for breath (to be)E voe to ëp pa tobe eʼ oahaneah en.The man goes up the mountain gasping for breath.
oaripiBiblical SourcewallabynwallabyA oaripi to teʼ ne Australiaʼ.The wallaby lives in Australia.
oaseanvbrave (to be)...köʼ hikta iu noʼ, a teʼ se vahik këh a neoʼ a taateʼ oasean pa vatvus akuk a Soe Vih, me a hikta kon voen,......then I do not want a person that he should finish (take) from me the custom of being brave for telling out only the Good Talk (Gospel) and not get paid,...
ObalPrp.NObal, name
ObetBiblical SourceObetPrp.NObedKe Obet voh e taman e Jësiʼ.And Obed was the father of Jesse.
ObotPrp.NObot, placeEe to këh a Punon ko uʼuu tanu ee Obot.
oedial. var.poë1obj.prnher, him, it, them, obj 3pSoe na ra oe kee kunah këh a motoka.Tell them to get down (and) leave the car.2ncoconut, coconut palmO oe peöʼ to pu en.My coconuts have grown.3demthese, thoseA ma tah poë varih, eʼ a maʼ ta peöʼ.These things, they are mine.
oehnland, ground, earth, world, planetA ma oeh kurus vakin me po oeh.All the earth above and on the land.
oepncrane (bird), heronE voe se nö pa ip vamët a oep.The man will go and kill the crane.
oerEnglishwelnoilKon maʼ o oer.Bring the oil.
oes1vharvest (to), reap (to)Eöʼ se nö eoʼ pa oes marë.I will go and harvest mustard.2nharvest (a)Eöʼ to soe vaman rakah keoʼ peöm pan, kuru a voaʼ to vamatop ee pa oes,...I truly indeed say to you(p) like this, now the fruits are ready to havest,...
oetndesert, wilderness, uninhabited areaO oet manuh Afrikaʼ to apuh.The desert there in Africa is big.
oeteʼ1nboy, maleE Mariaʼ se vahuh a koaʼ oeteʼ pamëh, kën vëhnan eah e Ieesuʼ,...Mary will give birth to this male child and you(s) must name him Jesus,...2adjboy, maleE koaʼ oeteʼ okook non.The boy child is crying.
oevaʼnburying place for ashes of dead people's burned bonesA oevaʼ to teʼ non manuh kin.The burying place for ashes of dead people's burned bones is up there.
OfilPrp.NOphir, name
ohinterrINTERR.M, what is itOh! e peah en na.
ohanvfull (to be) (not hungry)E koaʼ to ohan.The child is full.
OhëtPrp.NOhad, nameKa vapöök koaʼ oeteʼ pe Jekop vëh e Simeon eʼ to teʼ me non a tönim me a pah koaʼ oete, e Jemuël, ke Jemin, ke Ohët, ke Jekin, ke Sohar, ke Saul.
oho1ventering (to be), P enterE voe to oho a iuun.The man is entering the house.2nopening"Eteh rakah ivëh se vakuk ka ra a vös apuh vëh to sunpip non o hopaʼ oho...Who indeed will move that big stone that blocks the door opening...
ohoaʼvrow (to)Ke Ieesuʼ ep in a ma vamomhë peʼ to me ohoaʼ o paröʼ, suk a tuvuh to ipip koe ke non maʼ nën.Then Jesus saw his disciples rowing the boat in vain because the wind was blowing hard.
ohoeh1vcrawl (to)E siʼ koaʼ soneʼ pemöm teʼ me e non pa ohoeh.Our(excl) little small child is not able to crawl.2adjdirty, muddy, grey hairedE voe ohoeh pasun to vos en maʼ.The grey headed man arrived here.
OholibamaʼPrp.NOholibamah, nameKa vapöök köövo peʼ, a ëhnan eah e Oholibamaʼ, Oholibamaʼ eʼ e koa mon pe Anaʼ.