Vasui - English



orannglowing embers, charcoal fireO oran to vih non pa tao a kuma pe koaʼ.The glowing embers are good to mumu sweet potatoes for the children.
oraʼnblack magic, spirit, demonA ma upöm teʼ to ororaʼ ne siʼ upöm manih pa oraʼ.All the other people are working black magic on the other people here by the spirit.
oreennpraying mantisA oreen to vaororeen non.The praying mantis is doing his praying mantis dance.
orëvbribe to kill (to)E voe to orë a meh voe.The man bribed to kill another man.
oro1vtaboo to (an area from pigs)Ka nö ko oro a kiu peöʼ.Lets go and taboo my garden.2nfence (a), partition (a)Ka nö ko nok a oro.Lets go and make a fence
oromvswallow (to) ö no a iian apuh to orom voh e Jonaʼ a teʼ vanënën soe....the part when a big fish had swallowed Jonah the foretelling talk person (the prophet).
oromëhnsore throatO oromëh to pah miröʼ rakah en pa koʼkoneoʼ.The sore throat truly ruins indeed my throat.
ororamnthroat, gullet, esophagusO ororom peöʼ to kamis.My throat hurts.
ororanadjcharcoal fire (coals), red hotO vamomhë to tatakin këh ko ne maʼ o paröʼ, pare ep ee po suraʼ ororan, no a pah iian to tok non me a pah ö taëën.The disciples were coming ashore away from the boat, and they saw a charcoal fire, on which was one fish and one bread.
ororaʼvblack magic perform (to)Ka ma teʼ varih to ororaʼ teʼ voh ne,...And all these people who had performed black magic on people,...
orotvsqueeze (to)E koaʼ to orot maʼ a ba.The child squeezed the ball.
OrpaʼPrp.NOrpah, name
osoesvharvest (to continually)[harvesting], pick (to continually)[picking]E köövo to osoes moreʼ maʼ.The woman is picking oranges.
ototvkeep busy (to)E voe to otot rakah en pa kiu.The man keeps very busy with work.
ovdial. var.kovdial. var. ofkoveh
ovanndye, red paintA kën köövo to vauh in o ovan.The group of women are decorated with red paint.
ovinconjin order to, for the purpose ofA teʼ varoe ovin to teʼ me voh non poan to nö voh en maʼ.Only just the person who was with him before who came before.
ovironwool (sheep)Ka pah teʼ soe ke Temaʼ pan, E sipumah Judaʼ to nö en manuh Timnaʼ pa kui o oviro sipsip.
ovoesadjall“Eöm se nö manuh pa ma ö kurus manih po oeh ovoes vëh,...You(p) should go there into every place in all this world,...
ovövcapable (to be)...eʼ to hikta onöt non a öt a tasun pa teʼ sunön va po kum teʼ varih to vaman e Ieesuʼ, suk eʼ tomeʼ koman ovö a non pan,......he is not able to hold the position of an important person in the group of people who believe in Jesus (believers),...
nbanyan treeO oʼ vëh to tok non pa topnin iuun to kökööt.This banyan (tree) that is in the middle of the house is too short.
oʼoahadvtogetherPare oʼoah nö e ne pa vöön pamëh, ka nap peo rakah nö vaʼpeh me ee pee.And they together going to another city, and many people indeed went together with them.
ookvcry (to), howl (to)E koaʼ to ook en.The child is crying.
oon1vstrike (to), trapped (to be)Ka ruiʼ tutuvuh eh to antoen non o 50 kilogram to taru taneʼ maʼ akis ko oon en pa napan.Then strong cold water (ice/hail) about 50 Kilograms each fell down from the sky and covered up the people.2nsunrise, sunsetA ma pöstakah e oon to ep vavih.In the morning the sunrise looks beautiful.
oonohncore (in the middle of fruits and vegatables)E napan hikta oonoh a pëʼ.The people do not eat the core of the mango.