Vasui - English



ohop1vclothe (to), wear (to), dress (to)Eöʼ se ohop eoʼ peʼ po ohop peöʼ.I will dress her in my clothes.2nclothesEöʼ se ohop eoʼ peʼ po ohop peöʼ.I will dress her in my clothes.
ohoʼadvquicklyE voe to nö ohoʼ.The man went quickly.
ohöönvmeet (to)E voe to iu a ohöön a meh voe.The man wishes to meet another man.
OkaiPrp.NOkai (lagoon at Deos Plantation)A ruen Okai to teʼ non maʼ manuh tahiʼ.The Okai water is there at the ocean.
okoekvscoff (to continually)[scoffing] a taateʼ va okoek a meh teʼ,......and the custom of scoffing at another person,...
okookvcry (to continually)[crying], howl (to continually)[howling]Eʼ to okook non po kamis.He was crying because of the pain. manih pe Olimpas, me a napan kurus pe Sosoenën varih to teʼ vaʼpeh me ne raoe....and to Olympas and all the people of God these ones who remains together with them.
oman1nplant (a)A kaʼ to ënëën non o voaʼ oman.The lorikeet is eating the seeds of the plant.2exclm.wdhonesty, truth (the), trulyOman ivëh neʼ sosoe non.It is the truth what I am saying.3interj.wdamenKa se kë tamoaan rakah no a ëhnaneah. Oman!And we will indeed praise forever his name. Amen!
OmarPrp.NOmar, nameKe Ilifës vatvus pet e Teman ke Omar ke Sëfo ke Katam ke Kenës.
on1vcastrate (to), fall on top of (to), laugh, toE Seon se on rakah.John will indeed laugh.2nbait...ko ötöön raoe vamanih pa vönaʼ to on pa kë....and hold onto them like an animal (bait) trapped in a net.
OnamPrp.NOnam, nameKa teʼ ëhneëra ma’ teʼ koaʼ oeteʼ pe Sobal to teʼ va ne manih, Ëlvan, ke Manahët, Ke Ebël, ke Sëfo, ke Onam.
OnanPrp.NOnan, nameKe köövo kiuk hah en, pareʼ vahuh en pa va pöök koaʼ oeteʼ peʼ, keʼ vëhnan en peʼ e Onan.
onanvline up (to), in line (to be)... o pea ta nöʼ to tet suk vu maʼ to pah teʼ onan rakah e non maʼ pa vös, ...... the branch of the tree which I walked on earlier was really lined up indeed with a stone, ...
OnesimusBiblical SourceOnesimusPrp.NOnesimusEöʼ to vanö nös e Onesimus, keʼ nö vaʼpeh me nös e Tikikus.I shall send Onesimus and he shall go together with Tychicus.
OneʼPrp.NOne (name of river)Ëhnan a ruen vëh, e Oneʼ.The name of this river is One'
OnësiforusBiblical SourceOnesiforusPrp.NOnesiphorus... e Sosoenën se ururuan e Onësiforus,...... God would be merciful to Onesiphorus,...
onoahvwin (to)Eöm se keh onoah o vapus...If a you should win a fight...
onoenvscrape (to)E voe to onoen en pa oe.The man scraped the coconut.
ononvcastrate (to continually)[castrating], laugh (to continually)[laughing]Eöm a napan to onon nem, eöm se panih paröm okook nem.You(pl) laughing people you(pl) should change and you(pl) should be crying.
onöt1vable (to be), allow (to), continue (to), fit (to be), inclusive(to be), qualified(to be)O tarosis to onöt e non pe Pitaʼ.The trousers fit Peter.2advadequate, enough, equal, totalIvëh, köm se piun oah pet keah a ma taateʼ hat neʼ to nok voh, to onöt non a ma taateʼ hat peʼ neʼ to nok manih po upöm teʼ.Therefore, then you(p) must also pay back more to her all the bad customs which she had done equal to all her bad customs which she did to the other people.
opëʼ1ncane, rattenOpëʼ o tah nonok siaʼ.Cane is something for making chairs.2adjsmallA rak opëʼ pe Anaʼ to vavih.Ana's small garden is good.
opiun1vanswer (to), wander away (to), lose track (to)Emöm to piun, keʼ pa teʼ e non opiun.We(excl) replied, and it is the answer.2nanswerOpiun to taneʼ maʼ manih pepaʼ.The answer is on this paper here.
opoepvopen eye and see (to), unblind (to be)O teʼ kekehoʼ to opoep hah ee.The blind men can see again.
opopnhibiscus flowerA napan to iu ee o opop.The people like the hibiscus flower.
opöhadvvery, indeedO resis opöh apuh po Tinputz.The contests at Tinputz are very big.