Vasui - English



ta1vlook up (to), respect (to)Ta a teʼ sunön pën.Respect your chief.2npeople, thingA ta Tesaronaëkaʼ to vaman vakis rakah, ee pare teʼ ee pa ma punisThe people of Thessalonica believe strongly indeed and they will carry their heavies3indefINDEF
TabitaʼBiblical SourceTabitaPrp.NTabithaManih vöön Jopaʼ, a pah köövo va po vaman to teʼ non a ëhnaneah e Tabitaʼ.In the village of Jopa. a believing woman lived her name was Tabitha.
taeahq.wdwhat, whichManih po poen pamëh, no a Tuvuh Vasioʼ pe Sosoenën se vataare en peöm pa soe taeah nöm se soe tavus ke raoe.Like this on that day, when the Sacred Wind (Holy Spirit) of God will show you(p) whatever talk that you(p) should speak out (tell) to them.
taeohq.wdwhat kindMe o vëknöm taeoh nemöm se inan suk to tavus maʼ, pamöm nat poʼ o poen hah pën me o poen no oeh vëh se hik.And by what kind of sign we will recognize when that appears and we know the day time for you(s) to come back and this earth will finish.
taeokvbuild (to)Ka iuun to taeok vaeh manih pe Ieesuʼ. Ivëh, keʼ tatavus nö e non a iuun vivihan pe Sosoenën.And the house is built strong by Jesus. Therefore, and it is continuing to become the holy house of God.
TaëataëraʼBiblical SourceTaiatairaPrp.NThyatiraA paeh va pee e ëhnaneah e Lidiaʼ, to pënton non a soe pemöm, eʼ va Taëataëraʼ.One of them her name was Lydia, heard our talk, she was from Thyatira.
TaëaʼBiblical SourceTairPrp.NTyre, placeO paröʼ to ankaʼ en pa vöön va Taëaʼ pa ö neʼ se vöknah a kakoʼ.The ship anchored at the village of Tyre so that they could unload the cargo.
TaëberiusBiblical SourceTaiberiusPrp.NTiberiusKa meh ö nee to popokaʼ va ne a tonon pamëh ivëh, a Taëberius.Another way they called this lake is, Tiberius.
TaëgrisPrp.NTigris, name of a river
taënëënneating thingsEʼ teʼ maʼ a taënëën.He brought the eating things (food).
TaëtusBiblical SourceTaitusPrp.NTitus, nameEöʼ to kiun nös o kiun vëh manih pën Taëtus,...I shall write this writing there to you Titus,...
taëënnfood, gardenEʼ to ëën a taëën peʼ.He ate his food.
tah1narea, deed, meat, object, something, thingA teʼ to nok a tah vëh.The man made this thing.2conjthat isKe koaʼ pën hikta se rara rakah non, tah ta rara voon.Then your child will not be clothed indeed, that is (with) new clothes.3indefindef
tah vihadjpreciousA mök a tah vih.The necklace is precious.
tahahvrecover (to)Ka sionineah tahah maʼ keʼ sun kee vos ee manuh vöön.And his body recovered and he stood and they went there to the village.
tahatadjexile, miserable, needy, outcast, pitiable, poor, unfortunateTahat varenan to këh en pea.The poor pitiable (fellow) left us.
taheaknnoiseManih po poen no a taheak pamëh to nö maʼ, a nap peo rakah to tönun maʼ.Here on the day when that noise came, a large crowd indeed gathered.
TahëtPrp.NTahath, place Ee to këh a Makhelöt ko uʼuu tanu ee Tahët.
tahinënvinsulted (to be), humiliated (to be), persecuted (to be), punished (to be), troubled (to be)Vaeö rakah pa napan varih to tahinën suk a ma taateʼ totoopin pe Sosoenën nee to vavatet ne.Happy indeed are these people who are persecuted because of all of God’s good way of life which they are following.
tahiʼnoceanA tahiʼ va Rauaʼ to hikta teʼ ruruvun non.The ocean at Raua is not deep.
Tahiʼ-MëtPrp.NDead Sea, name, place O takasu’ pamëh se tane’ non ma’ pa ö noton va pa Tahi’-Mët.
Tahiʼ-va-MediterenianPrp.NMediterranean Sea, name, placeTaneo non Asmon ne’ se tarih vavoah ke non pa moeh ruen manih pa takasu’ va Isip ko pet öök non na pa Tahi’-va-Mediterenian.
tahoakvmove back (to)Kee tahoak hah ee.And they moved backwards.
tahoenlandslideEe kurus to soe ke a ma totope me o vösvös vamanih pan, “Tahoe mah, ko ip vamët a möm kemöm mët këh a matan e Sosoenën to ihoʼ non pa ö ihihoʼ pa teʼ sunön, me o vakmis pa Soneʼ Sipsip.”They all said to the mountains and the stony places like this, "You(p) landslide and cover us up and we(excl) will hide from the eye of this Person sitting on the sitting place for a king person (throne), also the punishment of the Small Sheep (Lamb) might destroy us(excl).
tahoepvcollapse house (to), uproot tree (to) a unat to een këh en pa iuun, ka iuun tahoep vëvëhöʼ rakah en.... the flood digs the ground away from the house and the house quickly collapses indeed.